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Fall of Lucifer: The Battle of The Gods

Jesus took a deep breath, and with a loud voice, He shouted, “Now!” The sky tore apart, and lightning split the wall of fire, unleashing the Elohim and the Lord Jesus against Lucifer and his champions.

Note from the author: I would recommend you pray over yourself before you read the following account. Even as I wrote it, two angels appeared to protect me from demonic opposition. I am not claiming to have some kind of special revelation that few know, I am saying that hell does not want this to be read by the church. Even my editor saw this before she began to read it. I told her nothing of what happened when I wrote this. May your eyes be opened.

Lucifer dropped his shimmering gold cloak as his wings suddenly disappeared. His feet left slimming footprints as he walked forward towards the council. Jesus’ eyes watched him closely.  Lucifer knew Jesus was looking at him.

“Didn’t I just see you, oh King?” He mocked the Lord, “What is that in your hand? Let me see.” He laughed, “Of course, you are not into sharing. You are afraid.” He stepped closer towards Jesus. “Do you still love me, Jesus? Do you miss my music? Do you miss my dance, the turns of beauty and light?” Lucifer’s eyes began to drip black tears. Lucifer had become so corrupt. I felt this terrible darkness grip me, so that I sat on the crystal floor holding my stomach. Lucifer fluttered around flamboyantly with his opened wings in shining beautiful gold, “Am I not beautiful oh King of Kings? Am I not as they? You made me…give me an answer.” Rage caused the fallen angel’s eyes to glow, ” Was I not enough? I walked among the coals of fire, I sang your precious songs, and now you do not need me.” His eyes looked down on Jesus’ hands holding the first spirit of man, Adam. “What if I come to him and tear him apart as you did to me?  What if he knows you are a liar?” Lucifer’s eyes glowed with such rage. “I will take him from you.”

Jesus stepped forward, and the ground thundered, “Watch your attitude, Lucifer. My foot still needs something to crush. It sounds like your head fits perfectly under my feet.”

Lucifer stepped back and changed the subject quickly. “Oh Elohim, I have come to present myself to the council. I ask for your respect and your attention.

The council was silent as the fallen angel opened his hands to speak. His voice was soft this time. “I have come to remind you of your power which He, The Highest of Kings, keeps from you. You are destined to rule. What kind of king serves the lesser? What kind of god takes orders? Lucifer raised his wings and hands shouting charismatically, “I have become a god among lesser gods! I have found my freedom from the creator, and now my will shall be done!”

The council gasped at such a claim in front of the Lord Jesus.

Zinich, the white dragon, stood up crossing his arms, “How dare you exalt yourself among the council, you small despicable fly? I would crush you right now.” The dragon’s chest burned with anger. “You boast with power that is not even yours. You raise your wings in authority as if you stand equal to the God of creation?”

Lucifer’s voice became demonic, “I am a god. The one who shall steal and break everything He holds dear.” He pointed to Jesus, “That lesser God is but a small, insecure king of lesser kings. He is less than you all, and yet you bow to him.”

Bwenith commanded, “Be gone, Lucifer.” The giant bird of fire created a wall of blazing heat to separate them from the fallen angel. The flames of the great bird pushed Lucifer back. “How far you have fallen, son of the morning! How you have been cast out, never to return to light again. The Lord God rebukes you!”

Lucifer became manic in his appearance. His true heart had changed him so quickly that his outward appearance was darkness.

Jesus looked towards me as I fell to the ground. My strength had left me. My knees were trembling. “Lord, this is hard to see. Please, help me stand?”

Jesus smiled brightly and walked over to me, holding the first spirit of man, “Micah, this has already happened. I want you to see how Lucifer’s fall affected more than your world. The created Elohim also witnessed Lucifer’s great sin. Now they will have to stand as the angels did.” Jesus lifted me. “Have strength, Son. I am here with you. Observe and remember what you have seen and heard.”

I felt power come into my legs! Jesus placed His arm around me, and I continued to watch Lucifer speak with the council.

Lucifer stood behind the wall screaming, “I will drag you down with me.” Black tears fell down the fallen angel’s face. He pulled from his chest a sword of what appeared to be blood and sliced through the wall of fire. He unleashed a hellish sound, summoning demons and other angels who had fallen with him. “Kill them all! Leave none of them alive! After you have slaughtered them, I will drink of their power.”

A storm of terrible darkness formed around the great kings of light as Lucifer summoned his demons and other fallen beasts. I saw the summoning of a powerful demon who looked like giant snakes–their leader Leviathan, Lord of the Dead Sea. Leviathan rose out of the sea with his wings spewing lightning!  Multiple heads formed giving Leviathan a total number of six heads. His skin was black that appeared to be rotting! His teeth were long and made of Iron.

I saw another beast coming from Lucifer’s summons. I saw a three-headed dog made of hellfire rise from the depths of Lucifer’s witchcraft.  A chain connected this dog-beast to something below, but I couldn’t see what it was! This three-headed dog could breathe fire on its opponents. Many demons tried to tame this monster with chains, but he devoured those close to his razor-sharp teeth.  Lucifer laughed with pride at the might of his army.

As Lucifer’s wings stirred with dark magic, the black angel boasted, “I give you my champions, my servants who once saw great light amid the throne! Now, they see my way. How long will you smaller gods resist my power? You will join me!” Lucifer began to chant, summoning another great beast, and it was worse than the first two.

Lucifer pulled a demon from his belly, so vile that I felt extremely nauseated. Guts and other grotesque things fell from Lucifer’s belly as this new demon lay on the crystal floor, twitching as if it was dying. Eventually, the demon rose to its feet with a loud shriek. Its appearance was like a human with long black hair that covered its entire face! Dressed in a dirty white robe, it hunched over, gasping for air.

Lucifer proclaimed, “My champion, the fallen image of man, whom you love so much, Jesus, Son of the Living God. I present to you, Death. I will rob from you your offspring, and they will die with my hands around their necks! I will strangle them as they stare into the darkness wondering, ‘where is the God of the universe’. They will cry out, ‘has God, the King of Kings, abandoned us?’    

The wall of fire created by Bwenith, charged with the glory of God, pushed the enemy’s armies back until the Elohim took their formations to resist the onslaught.

Jesus touched my arm to get my attention. “This is the battle of the Elohim., the gods. Satan wanted an army and today is his first attempt to show his power among the Cosmic Council.” Jesus turned to me with eyes like fire and shifted into a form of eternal glorious light! His eyes were like fire, and He held a sword of fiery lightning. His crown was brilliant like a million stars dancing in the universe. His grip tightened around His sword as His voice thundered, “I am God eternal. Who can rise against me? Who can defeat me?” Jesus teleported to the front of Bwenith’s wall of fire holding His sword.

With a shout, Jesus commanded the Elohim to rise with holy anger against Lucifer’s armies and those he summoned with his dark arts.

“Rise, Elohim! Rise. Let your righteous anger burn against the prince of darkness. Let my strength rise within you. Lean on my power!” Jesus’ sword caused the fabric of space to crack with lightning power! It was awesome power, unlike anything I have ever seen!

Jesus said, “On my command, you will fight!” The sky cracked and boiled with war. I could see the heavens above watching! Angels and other beings were looking down upon the battle of the Elohim and their creator.

Death said, “Give him the heads of his future children.” The demons and fallen angels threw decapitated heads made of black magic towards the wall of fire! Lucifer laughed hysterically. It was a taunt to Jesus of Lucifer’s planned future for the kingdom of man, the Lord’s offspring. I remember the sounds of the heads hitting the wall of fire! Their tongues burned up, and then their heads turned to ash!

Jesus was unmoved. “Wait for my command!” Jesus took a deep breath, and with a loud voice, He shouted, “Now!” The sky tore apart, and lightning split the wall of fire, unleashing the Elohim and the Lord Jesus against Lucifer and his champions.

The battle of the gods had begun!

To be continued