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Fall of Lucifer: The Battle of The Gods (Part 2)

Jesus looked like a brilliant comet flashing across the sky. His hair was white lightning and His robe shone with so much glory that sparks of blazing heat emanated from Him like an energy shield.

Note from the Author: The epic battle continues as Jesus, Zinich, Bwenith, Garath, and Barack combat Satan and his champions. I do not consider this to be scripture but to amplify what is already written in the word of God for your personal study. This visitation, which I believe to be real, will bring the scriptures to light about the glory and majesty of the Son of God, and His authority. We worship you, Jesus. May our eyes be opened.

Jesus led the Elohim forward against Lucifer and his demons. The fallen angel leapt in the air forming spears of blood and darkness and struck Jesus, but the Lord divided himself into two and overwhelmed Lucifer with light like white fire. He forged His weapons out of glory! After they clashed, with their weapons flashing from the conflict, Jesus disarmed Lucifer telekinetically and slammed him to the ground.  The dark angel’s skin burned as the Lord Jesus continued to crush him on the crystal floor.

When the Lord’s two forms came together, Jesus unleashed His anger saying, “My power strips from you the first name which I gave you.  I have removed from you the power of your first name, and I will be the Morning Star, and I will have an army of worshipers who will worship me in spirit and truth.” Jesus pushed Lucifer down into the darkness below.  Jesus turned to me, “Stay where you are Micah.” Jesus flew into the air, slashing demons down from the sky. Their bodies rolled on the crystal floor convulsing.

I heard the sound of a machine rumbling above me, which drew my attention to a creature called Barack, a machine castle armed with all kinds of weapons. He hovered from the ground and spread large walls to siege and barricade any enemies from entering the cosmic castle. The walls thundered as they shook the ground–firm in place and the demons outside the walls could not pass. However, flying demons were shot down from armed cannons on Barack’s walls. Lasers, beams of light released from his loaded weapons are powerful! This towering Elohim was alive and robotic.

Barack’s walls of stone and steel showed with eyes all over which were also weapons that fired upon the demons who tried to climb the walls. At a thought, Barack could summon new walls of defense to aid his surrounding comrades. His primary job was defense and area effect control. The Lord caught my attention again.

Jesus looked like a brilliant comet flashing across the sky. His hair was white lightning and His robe shone with so much glory that sparks of blazing heat emanated from Him like an energy shield. No demon could pierce the Lord’s power. At times, Jesus would crash to the ground releasing shockwaves of energy pushing demons away, but the Spirit of Death, one of Lucifer’s champions tried to oppose Jesus.

The Spirit of Death created images of grotesque beasts, and humanoid figures so vile, that it was as though maggots crawled out of their skin! It seemed as though this champion conjured hundreds of rotting carcasses to overrun the Son of Man. Jesus positioned His sword in front of His face like a blade ready to divide. The Lord’s face glowed brighter than the most beautiful star. Jesus levitated into the air while His hair shone with glory. The Lord raised His sword, summoning falling stones of light from the heavens upon the dead, burning them alive!  I can remember hearing their flesh boil under the power of the Lord. They became nothing but sludge on the crystal floor. Then Jesus charged the Spirit of Death and the two clashed, unleashing a shockwave.

Jesus smiled as He watched death crumble to the ground shrieking, His glory burning Lucifer’s champion. Jesus turned to me amid the demon’s demise, saying, “I am not a kind king to my enemies, Son. Those who truly stand against me will deal with my wrath. Those prophets who prophesy my wrath have no idea what my wrath will bring. If they knew they would not so blindly prophesy. The day of my wrath has not yet come, but it will come, and there will be no need for a prophet to prophesy its coming! All will know!” Jesus flew away to deal with more demons.  

I was undone by Jesus’ power as He took demons out of commission. His robe was turning into this black liquid; it may have been because of the blood of His enemies. Can demons bleed? I was not sure. I was startled by one of the Elohim, Garath the Brave.  He had the upper body of a man with large horns like a deer. Hanging from his antlers were gems of wisdom. The lower half was like a deer, but its legs were fire! He stared at me, “I am watching you.” Garath clapped his hands, releasing energy from his antlers which formed a shield around both of us. “Stay here. Watch and learn what happens.” He turned to me, “Do not leave this shield unless I tell you too. These demons want you because you have seen their cruelty.

Suddenly a vicious roar came towards us from a three-headed demonic dog called Cerberus, one of Satan’s champions. Garath readied himself with a gleaming sword. Its handles were antlers and the tip of the blade sparked with lightning. Again he said to me, “Stay in this shield.”

Garath stepped outside of the protective shield and his horns burned with fire. He roared when charging the three-headed canine. The dog pinned Garath down, but this brave warrior would not succumb so easily. The Elohim could control the ground, shifting into sharp spears and protective armor. Garath flew around his opponent on a stone platform, slashing its head, but Hellfire spewed from the demon’s mouth and knocked Garath down again. It was still not his end, however. Garath summoned the likenesses of stone warriors with long spears to juggle his enemy.

Cerberus crushed the stones with its teeth and claws, but Garath would not relent in his assault. With his charged horns of fire, he burst forth like a burning wheel and knocked Cerberus down. As Garath launched to stab the demon in the heart, Cerberus sprouted wings this time and grew in size, throwing him towards the shield that protected me. I could see the sense of concern on Garath’s face. With his sword and shield, Garath held his own against Cerberus’ power. Hellfire pushed Garath back. His body was burning against the shield that protected me. Garath turned towards me; his eyes communicated determination and pain. He was not going to lose. He cried out as his body was burning. He said through his suffering, “Stay in the shield, Micah. Do not come out and help me.”

I shouted, “He needs help! Someone help him!” I called to Jesus, “Jesus, help him please!”

Jesus’ attention turned to me, and He flew down towards Cerberus’ head and crushed one of his skulls. The cracking sound startled the demons as Cerberus yelped. Jesus decapitated the remaining heads, leaving Cerberus to bleed out this bile liquid on the crystal floor.

Garath fell to the ground with labored breathing. The Lord touched him so that he would heal. Then Jesus flew back towards the sky. Garath stood, “We are not as He is, Micah.” He was referring to the Lord and His power. Our eyes turned to Jesus’ might as he unleashed power like lightning from the sky to strike the demons, shattering them into pieces.

“You must go!” Garath, the Elohim warned me. “I will be okay here and continue to fight, but your stay here is up.  Call out to the Lord, and He will answer you” Garath leapt away, leaving me in the shield alone.

I yelled for Jesus while he slaughtered the demons with fire and strange blades of light. “Jesus! Help me!” I cried out to Him from deep within my soul, “Help me, Lord, I am afraid!” Jesus’ fire-filled eyes turned to me. “Bwenith!” He called for the Phoenix, “Take Micah. It is time for him to leave now.”

I heard the loud cry of a bird coming from above. I looked up to see Bwenith rushing towards me with at least one hundred demons following him. I screamed while covering my head. I didn’t want to look! Instantly, I was lifted on the back of the Phoenix.

“Hold on, Micah. You will not stay here any longer.” Bwenith dashed forward, burning the demons with fire. One of Lucifer’s champions would not let us escape so easily.

Leviathan, the six-headed snake, sprouted his wings to confront Bwenith in the air. “Bring me the seer!” The snake threatened, “Let me crush his head with my teeth.” Leviathan breathed a black, burning smoke towards us. A horrifying sound hit my ears, which caused pain; it felt like my ears were bleeding. I buried my head in Bwenith’s feathers to protect my ears. But Bwenith moved in a spiral motion to avoid the black smoke from Leviathan. I felt us circle again and again to avoid the black smoke.

“Do not be afraid of him, Micah.” Bwenith’s feathers burned hot, “The Lord has the victory.” The bird charged up with flaming energy and unleashed a massive beam of energy towards Leviathan. The snake demon hurled another beam of black smoke to push the flaming energy back. These spiritual creatures began to duel with their powers. Fire and black smoke, as if they were speaking to one another, stood between Bwenith and Leviathan.

I held on as tightly as I could. The vacuum of energy pulled my feet upwards from Bwenith’s back. “Help! Help!” I cried. I couldn’t hold on with my strength, so I was sent tumbling towards the vacuum of energy until Zinich, the white dragon caught me with his right hand! The Lord Jesus was mounting the giant dragon. His sword cut two of the heads off of Leviathan. The snake fell to the ground convulsing with black blood spewing everywhere!

Jesus spoke, “I got you, Micah. Remember, I have already won. I want you to know that there is always more to the story. These fallen champions once served me.” Jesus’ eyes searched the crystal ground that was now burning with fire and war. I could see grief in His eyes;  those who once served him, the Elohim, had fallen to darkness. Jesus commanded, “Bwenith, go and help your brothers below.

Bwenith flew down to the crystal floor and spun again creating a fiery vortex scattering balls of molten lava onto surrounding demons! Garath helped by leaping from demon to demon striking them down.

Zinich, the white dragon, said, “You did not know this happened. Did you, Micah? All this is happening because of your coming. Satan wants to control the human race and wipe them out.” I sat in the hand of the dragon as he flew around the demons; the Lord Jesus mounted on Zinich’s head. I looked to Jesus as He observed the battlefield. It looked as though the Elohim were winning this war. How could they not? Jesus was on their side. It seemed that Jesus was looking for someone. Something was coming from the darkness under the crystal floor. With all three of Lucifer’s champions gone, who could He be looking for now? I thought this was all over, but it was far from over.

“Jesus…” A growling voice echoed among the Elohim and the demons, “Jesus… Jesus…”

The darkness exploded from the ground, cracking the remaining crystal floor. Darkness unleashed itself in front of Jesus and Zinich in the form of an enormous gangly man with red eyes. Its body leaked with slime from its fingertips! Its mouth and tongue were so foul that I covered my ears. A demonic outcry came forth that paralyzed the demons below.

“Jesus!” The darkness bellowed from deep within, “You cast me down? I will rise again.”

To Be Continued