Encounters and Writings

Heaven’s Courtroom (Part 1)

One day, I stood among great angels in the courtroom of heaven. These mighty beings were giving a report to Jesus Christ and the Father for their work on the earth and among the mighty realms of God. These great beings of light were so huge and filled with glory, I wondered their placement in the kingdom of God.  Among them I saw Gabriel and Michael standing in full attention to the Lord.

Jesus was so radiantly dressed in garments of fire and his head was like a rainbow. Beams of light shone from his face—so glorious— so precious!  My Father, who sat on the throne behind Jesus, had white hair and hundreds of scrolls were before him. Clouds of darkness surrounded the throne while the atmosphere was charged with lighting. His throne was like a blazing sun and wheels of fire were on each side! I felt such peace here and yet an intense holiness fell upon me. I was at a distance, but the light was so powerful! It was brighter than any great angel that stood before the throne.  Fire came from the throne and from Jesus like a rushing river leaping upon the angels and me. I was so happy to be there in his awesome presence!  I looked around to gather my surroundings and noticed we were in some kind of dome! The brightness appeared as gold from the glory of the Lord. It felt like I had walked into the sun; which made the room unbelievably charged with the majesty of God. Why am I here?  I watched as countless angels would bow before the Son of God and the throne to receive their orders. Then a mighty thundering voice came from Jesus that manifested like a lightning bolt and an angel would disappear. Jesus would pick another scroll from his Father’s throne and give a command and an angel would be sent away with lightning.

At this distance, I felt so small because these angels were huge with splendorous wings that shimmered by the presence of God. Their wings would stretch forward as they bowed before God’s Holy presence each time He opened a scroll.

There was an explosion of power from the throne and the Son of God. Angels would open their wings as this great, mighty wave of God began to erupt! The light intensified and pulled you in by a mysterious force and then..boom! Power like I have never seen. I heard a small voice say to me in this court room, “He is answering prayers Micah.” Again, another angel would be sent with power while another would return to receive new orders.

Jesus received another scroll and he looked straight at me. His eyes of fire were too powerful for me! I dropped to my knees and covered my head when His voice thundered, “Micah Turnbo, step forward.” I couldn’t believe it! How is this happening” What could he want with me in such a holy courtroom? The angels stood up and parted ways to create a path for me to walk. The Holy Spirit picked me up so I could stand in His awesome presence. Jesus held out his hand to welcome me. Again, his voice thundered, “My Love, step forward!” The great angels looked down upon me in wonder.

I walked slowly towards him—shaking by his power—breathing in his life to my soul. Each angel gave me a slight bow to pay respect. The angels began to inquire of my name and identity, thus my Father answered them, “He walks the path of kings—and he is my son whom I am well pleased!” The angels took a step back in unison to give Jesus, the Father and I privacy when I finally reached them.

The Fire of God was all around us during this beautiful moment we shared. Jesus held the scroll with my name written on it and he said, “I would like to open this scroll together.” This scroll was sealed with the most beautiful, glowing jewel I had ever seen. Jesus pulled me closer and placed my hand on the scroll so that we would break the seal together.

My Father behind us spoke tenderly, “A Son worthy to stand among the King of Kings, a friend among friends.”

We broke the seal…

To be continued