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The City of Kings: The White Horse

A breeze rushed by introducing a white horse. He was very white–pure white with lightning sparks coming off his feet as he approached me.

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A breeze rushed by introducing a white horse. He was very white–pure white with lightning sparks coming off his feet as he approached me.

I have never seen a horse this powerful and beautiful before. His tail was fire! A bold, hot fire that you would see resting in the fireplace. His eyes were like the embers you see burning. This white horse was gentle towards me, but he was also wanting something from me. Unfurled from the horse’s back were two large white wings! At the tip of each feather, there was gold. The white horse raised his wings then folded them like a bird. 

“Who are you?” I asked, brushing the horse’s fiery mane.  I could feel his strength and power. “Who do you belong to?” I was almost brought to tears.

The horse answered, “I am Lightning, the Lord of Horses. I carry the King of Kings–the Lord Jesus. He sent me to you.” Lightning spread his wings so I could see a wide expanse of light circling him.  “I will take you to the City of Kings if you choose to ride me.” Behind him, smaller lights grew into big ones that formed into a tunnel of swirling light. “We take the high road, Micah.” 

I was a little nervous, “I am used to riding eagles in Heaven. I may not be skilled in riding a horse, Lightning. Try not to go too fast, please.”

He chuckled, “Climb on. You should ask me how to ride. The issue is not that you do not know how to ride. You will not learn.”

I sighed, “Here we go. Obviously, it’s me, isn’t it?” I mounted the horse. “What’s keeping me from riding?”

He turned to face the highway of light, “The children will show you. The City of Kings is for the child, those who always have a need. You have lost your ability to need him, Micah.” Lightning opened his white wings and with a pull of invisible force, the horse flew onto the high road of light.”

Multiple rays of light passed us until we came to a vast clearing of hundreds of different roads of light leading to other worlds. Hundreds of angels dashed on these high roads in bright light carrying gifts, weapons, and many other materials from Heaven. I even saw the spirits of children going into the earth by these pathways, escorted by angels. I have never seen this process before, the lights of the children coming from God to join the soul of the baby in the mother’s womb. 

Lightning said, as we soared on the road of light peacefully, “You do not know how precious you are, Micah. You are a gift to the world. Each child is a gift. Father makes sure the child is protected as he enters the womb. The guardian angels begin their job as soon as Father sends them.” I saw two childlike spirits coming, carried by two angels. Lightning explained, “Those are twins!”

I am amazed at the incredible power of God. He intimately knows each child. I asked Lightning, “Can you tell me about these roads?”

“Yes, I can.” He replied, “Each road comes from the heart of God. He knows where each road leads. Micah, every part of God’s creation, whether invisible or visible, comes from his heart. Those that practice evil are void of his presence and life, which is why everything that is disconnected from him, like the demons, decay. Your Father sends out every angel to do his word and the angels you see coming from these different realms, including the earth, are reporting the activity they witness.”

The earth was beautiful! I always expect to see some kind of darkness each time I view the earth from the spirit world. I always expect to see the bad happening around the earth, but all I see is beauty. 

Lightning heard my thoughts, “The grown-ups always expect to see what is wrong with the world. Sadly, they have become more accustomed to problems than the gifts they actually carry. Children always have hope. Children always see light. The kingdom of God is moving all across the world and yet many do not see it. They call out judgment faster than blessings. They expect the destruction of sin and all that is wicked, but Jesus defeated sin on the cross. Now comes the advancement of the Kingdom.” Lightning paused to let me reflect on his words. He asked, “Can you look at the earth and tell me what you see?” 

I was emotional at the beauty of our planet, “I just see light, colors, and life. I see God acting on behalf of His creation. I just see light!”

Lighting increased his speed up into the heavens, “You see correctly. You have the eyes of a child. The moment you lose hope is the moment you lose the heart of God.”

Imagination Activation: Picture God the Father holding your hand as you say his name, Abba Father. This is a form of meditation with the imagination. As you continue to meditate on the name of God, your mind will start to “see” him. Record any feelings, sights, smells or sounds you experienced. The more you practice the better you will see in the spirit.

Featured Artwork by: Beatrice Matis

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