Encounters and Writings

The Black Tower: The Final Act

Michael continued to push back the darkness of a breaking realm, and the Prince covered himself with an orb of darkness that expanded like a clawed virus trying to overcome the light!

For a moment, time stood still; at least it felt like it. I began to reflect on the spirit world and the stories I have seen so far.  There is always more to see. Even during a dire moment like this, there is still more going on than what I see. I looked at Michael’s face, and He prepared to face the monster, summoned by the Prince’s power.  He wanted to protect his “brother.” The eldest of the four, now that Lucifer has fallen from his position, Michael looks after Israel. He stood in front of the Runner with his arm protecting him, and the holy dragon hovered above. I could see the intensity in his eyes, but I also saw a silent prayer within this mighty angel, His eyes spoke of the need for our holy and awesome God. Michael was silently praying for strength.

Then I caught the Runner’s expression; his wounded countenance still appeared healthy after Michael had prayed for him, but I could see that he was not in a position to fight. The connection was real; in a way, he depended on Michael as any little brother would. Still, the Runner knew he had to be strong, or the message would not get to Daniel. The Runner’s blue eyes spoke of unwavering hope. For a moment, he let Michael keep him back from the summoned monster and the Prince. However, hope is powerful! It is a light from Heaven shining, used to push back the powers of darkness, and that is what happened. Hope became an aura of light around the Runner and his brother, Michael. The Runner lowered Michael’s hand, and he stepped forward. They had to stand together–they needed each other.

Emotions drowned my heart with love for the brothers as it reminded me of my brothers at home. I understood that connection is so powerful. Unity is so powerful! 

Eden turned to me, “Micah, love is the connection to all things coming from God. He created you to love and thus all desire to connect,” Eden looked down towards his hands, dirty and blood-stained from the recent battles, “Love is like blood Micah. Everyone has blood; everyone is meant to love and be connected.”

After Eden said this, time appeared to move again.  The sky broke open, dripping a substance of what could have been poisonous rain, but I knew it wasn’t that. It was some kind of acid, something that could harm my skin. Eden spread his wings over me so that I would not be in contact with the rain. I tried to remain focused on the coming conflict between the Prince and the two angelic brothers. 

As the darkness burst with demonic energy, knocking Gabriel and Michael back, a hideous creature was revealed looking like a man and a beast merged together. Its flesh appeared to be guts and pieces of demonic beings. In his hand, there was a lesser demon crying out in fear as the demonic beast slowly crushed it and used its remains to increase in power. 

Michael stood up quickly and helped the Runner to stand. However, the Runner was not made for war; holding off the darkness gushing out from the beast was difficult. 

The Prince levitated in front of the beast-man, and they spoke in a demonic language, channeling a spell of demonic power appearing like a black fire with red lightning. He blasted this energy at Michael, but the Holy Dragon breathed a white light against the Prince’s demonic flame. It was a clash between the two.  Michael helped the Runner to stand because he was too weak from the darkness.

I understood why some angels are built for war, and others are not. The Runner had to find the strength to continue! He had to get his message to Daniel. I could see the conflict in Michael’s eyes. He wanted to defend against the beast and the Prince, but what would happen to the Runner and his message?

Michael set the Runner down, who was losing his energy.  His hand rested on his brother’s chest to heal him while watching the dragon keeping the demonic fire away! “Stay here. Catch your breath for a moment.” Michael’s hand gently brushed over the Runner’s eyes, giving him peace to establish focus.

Sparks of holy light and demonic fire fell from the two blasts from the beast and the holy dragon. I noticed the wings of the golden dragon were absorbing some form of light to continue its assault against the beast, but I could not find its source until an idea sparked in my mind. The strain of my fingers gripped my chest as I understood at this moment, everything is connected.

I looked at Eden briefly, then he said, “Correct, Micah. The dragon gets his strength from the sons of God; it knows you are here, but at the same time, you are not. Time is not what it seems.” The dragon’s body increased in size and power slightly as he unleashed light from his mouth like a blast of energy. The dragon’s blast impaled the beast through its chest by its power. Even Michael was surprised at the power of the holy dragon. The beast fell to the ground, leaving entrails of worms and other gangly insides. Its body boiled into a liquid, and the quagmire realm absorbed its remains into the ground.

The Prince watched the Quagmire swallow the beast until his rage was full against the dragon, Michael, and the Runner. The Prince let out a shrieking cry as blood-red tears fell down his face. “I hate you!” He cursed the dragon and Michael. He continued to cry out loud, turning into such a grotesque version of himself. Michael held his sword, holding his wings up high to prepare for what was about to happen next. The Runner stood again. The wind blew the hood off the Runner’s head, allowing me to recognize his identity finally.

It is Gabriel; Gabriel is the Runner! He was the one who was held back when Daniel prayed, seeking understanding. 

The Shrieking of the Prince’s rage had finally stopped. He summoned his orb of divination, “You have caused me much anger, Michael, Prince of Israel. This is my Kingdom. You have stepped into Persia, my land. My world. I will destroy you and use your body to summon another beast of this land. Your God will look down upon the rejected Elohim and wish he never threw us out. I will take the most prized of angels and turn them into my slaves.

Michael said to Gabriel, “You must run as fast as you can to Daniel. Quickly, I will hold him here.”

Gabriel did not question his brother; his silver wings of light unfolded, and he flew off, carrying Daniel’s message. 

The Prince yelled, “No!” The sky broke into pieces, unleashing tentacles from the black sky against Gabriel. He could fend them off with his daggers, but he still could not get through..

I was in disarray, “Eden, what now?”

Eden was very somber, “This world is connected to the Prince. The only way Gabriel can get through is if this realm is broken. Micah, the princes of the air are not demons. They are rulers who create systems, strategies, and strongholds that control. The Quagmire is the Prince of Persia. Michael has to break the Prince if Gabriel is going to get through to Daniel. Watch now.” I could tell that something was bothering Eden, and he was not telling me.

“Eden, you are not at ease right now. Why are you looking concerned?” I tried to get his attention, “Eden?” I touched his arm, “Eden?”

Eden’s eyes turned to me and said, as his thoughts brought him closer, “Pay attention and do what I say, Micah. ” I stayed close…

The tension increased between Michael, the Prince, and the Holy Dragon. The Quagmire started to lose power. The dimension cracked as the Prince of Persia sucked its power to increase his strength. 

Michael knew that Gabriel’s message could not be delayed any longer, so he spoke in an angelic tongue. He summoned the dragon closer to him. I watched something happen I have never seen in the angelic armies. Michael and the dragon merged. The prince of Israel raised his sword as the dragon turned into pieces of armor flying around Him. Michael’s bronze-colored wings carried the glory of God while they turned to solid gold by the dragon’s armor.  Michael kept his sword raised while the dragon merged to be his new armor. 

When Michael was fully equipped, an explosion of bright light erupted, injuring the Quagmire more. The blinding light stopped the acid rain, revealing Michael in another form. Clothed in an armor of solid gold, the angelic prince shone with an intensity, unlike any angel. His sword was now a long katana, fashioned by diamond and blue stone. The light from the angel caused his sword to glisten with power. Michael’s wings were set on fire, and each feather dripped with molten gold. His wings opened up, and light burst through, knocking the Prince back. He could not withstand the light, so the Prince covered his face with his hands, burning his skin.

Gabriel yelled at his brother, Michael, “Keep him back, brother; then I can get through.” 

The sky started to fall; the world was breaking! Eden covered me with his wings on the floating platform, “Micah, it is no longer safe here.” He carried me to another safe rock that floated in the unstable realm. The Quagmire was losing power—the tension increased between the Prince and Michael as they fought with light and darkness.

Michael continued to push back the darkness of a breaking realm, and the Prince covered himself with an orb of darkness that expanded like a clawed virus trying to overcome the light! Michael would not be overcome; the light increased by his sword and wings!

“Go!” He called to Gabriel, “Go now!” The tentacles in the sky started to fall around him. Gabriel ran as fast as he could with his message to Daniel, only to be blocked by thousands of lesser demons. He sliced through them, spilling a substance likened unto blood everywhere. Thousands of demons stained Gabriel’s garb as he took them down by his daggers. Gabriel held the title of The Runner, and he held to it well! His silver wings amplified his speed. 

My attention turned back to Michael. He held his long katana with both hands to focus the light around him, “I am taking you down!” He threatened the Prince. Michael dashed towards the fallen Elohim and sliced through his stomach. 

The Prince groaned loudly and fell into the broken void below. Michael turned to see Gabriel was still struggling to get through the demons. The angelic prince assisted his brother with lightning from his wings, electrocuting every demonic force, stunning them in place so Gabriel could run. “Go, Gabriel! Run!”

Blue lightning charged Gabriel’s feet and wings, and he fled the Quagmire like a flash of light, leaving the demons helpless in the air, then crashing to the ground. Gabriel was gone! Michael, in his new armor, hovered in the sky in peace. He finished his job for now. 

I was startled by Eden’s sudden grab of my shoulder, “We need to move again.” He pointed above us so that I would notice giant black, hairy spiders descending from the broken Quagmire sky. With hideous teeth and oversized abdomens, they were spawned from the Quagmire.  “Come on.” Eden held me on his hip and jumped from rock to rock to avoid the falling spiders. With his fist, he smashed the spiders’ heads. His wings were shielding me from the splattering bits from crushing them. I tried to focus, but attention was weak. Eden sat me down on a hovering stone platform. He stuck his sword in the ground, “Hold on to my sword.Iit will strengthen you.” A shield of light surrounded me. I was tired. Eden was concerned for my strength.

Demonic spiders surrounded us, and one giant spider controlled them all. The giant spider looked like a woman, but from her hips down, she had a spider’s body. The cracking of the Quagmire allowed the rest of the demonic realm to come through. I did not know who this demonic creature was. 

Eden stood in front of the shield. “This is not a demon. It is a ruler from the spirit realm,  the Prince of Greece.” 

The Prince of Greece hissed, “So much noise. So much noise! What is it? What is disturbing me?” Her yellow eyes saw me and wanted to feast on me, “Oh, you are in the wrong place, son of light. Out of time are you. And your guardian stands in my way. How small. No one keeps me from devouring my priest. I set up the temples of the seers and fortune tellers. I spin the webs of deception. Come to my web, seer.”

She commanded the spiders to charge us! I did not let go of the sword. I had to keep it, or I would fall. 

Eden said, “I will deal with them.” He turned to me with a slight smile. “God knows, Micah.” Then he faced his opponents. Eden knelt, covered himself with a cloud of white smoke, and transformed into a giant white bear! He had claws of iron and teeth of gold. His eyes were green, and his fur was charged by white light appearing as bolts of lightning. 

Eden’s voice echoed, “Bring your spiders to my teeth and claws, fallen one.” As a bear, Eden savagely tore the spiders apart with his teeth and claws. “Spin your webs around my friend, and you will taste my strength.” 

The Prince of Greece was in a nasty rage! She screamed and went after us, but was pummeled by Michael’s sword. His wings of fire created a ring of blazing flames to bind the Prince of Greece. 

 Eden transformed into an angel then grabbed his sword and picked me up, “It is time to go. This place is too dangerous now. Michael will deal with the Prince of Greece, and Gabriel will return to help when it is time.” 

We flew away from the shattered tower and its floating stones. Eden held me close to his chest like a mother holds her child, “Come, we must leave! Take deep breaths, Micah.” He was flying fast through the Quagmire as it continued to break apart. Voids of demonic energy opened that could have pulled us in because the Quagmire ruler, the Prince of Persia, had been severely wounded. 

My vision was blurry, but I could still hear Eden’s voice speaking to me to breathe. I shut my eyes and spoke in tongues to get through the next moments, but I heard Eden struggle to get around the voids caused by the Quagmire. I shut my eyes and prayed for Eden. I didn’t know what else to do.  I couldn’t see where we were going; I was facing behind Eden. As I prayed for my sight, I could see detail again. I noticed that the tower and the floating stones were crumbling, and the Prince of Greece was still trapped in Michael’s wall of fire! I knew how this story ended! 

I shouted to Eden, “We won! Daniel got the message!” As I said this, Eden turned into a flash of light and broke through the realm into a bright light that overwhelmed us.

When I opened my eyes, I was back in my bedroom. My head was lying on my pillow; Eden was nowhere to be seen. 

“Eden.” He appeared right in front of me with a smile. I wanted to hug him, but he gestured to me to stay put. 

“Micah. Do not hug me yet. I have yet to be clean from the filth of the realm. The blood of the lamb has washed you. You are already clean.” He turned towards my bedroom window as if something was coming. “Micah, you must focus on Him now.” 

“Before you go, Eden. I wanted to say thank you. You kept me safe.”

Eden smiled, “My pleasure.” He disappeared. His voice echoed in my room once more, “Give your focus to Him now.”

Jesus appeared before me, taking my breath away! I jumped up to hug my best friend. “Jesus! I am so glad you came.” He held onto me forever! Jesus’  arms locked around me in such deep love I cannot describe to you. My head laid on his shoulder in peace. His hands brushed up and down my back, not letting me go until I was ready to. Coming from Jesus’ back, I could see heaven shining in vibrant colors as if they were spirits joining him. His curly black hair was in a low ponytail; I love Jesus’ curly hair. I moved my fingers through his hair because  I love being close.

I stood back so I could look him in the eyes, “Jesus, I am doing all right. I don’t remember getting here to my room. I remember a flash of light as we left the Quagmire. What happened?”

Jesus sat me down on my bed with Him. “Micah, you needed to rest so you could return to your body. At times, these trips to the spirit world can cause entry into your physical body to be difficult. I took your spirit to Heaven so it could heal and then return quickly. You saw much.”

“Jesus, why did you show me this?” I placed my hand on his knee. “This was hard to endure.”

Jesus placed his hand on top of mine and answered, “Micah, so you would understand that there is more than what you see. The angels, Michael, Gabriel, and Eden walk through much to protect you and look after you. Yet, you treat them with such ignorance. The angels are not insecure like demons. They need not your attention to flourish, but they do feel. They want you to understand that they have a mission like you, to see my Kingdom spread all over the earth. You are the key to this battle, son. To them, you are what changes the world around them. You carry my blood, my power, my spirit. There is more power in you yet to be revealed, and yet you doubt. Your doubt is your greatest enemy. Doubt keeps you from moving forward into truth. You despair over such little things and realize not your authority. Micah, Daniel’s prayer changed a nation and destroyed the Quagmire. The prince of Persia lost that battle all because Daniel fasted and prayed. His desire to understand his vision caused even the Prince of Greece to come. Do you understand? I showed you this so you would know that the spirit realm is the real battlefield, not the earth. Because you are a son of light, you even give the angels strength to stand, as you did with Eden. Do not look down on yourself, my son.”

Jesus’ words are trustworthy and convicted me, “Lord, I do not mean to be doubtful. I do believe in the spirit realm. I know where the battle is.”

Jesus smiled, “Then why do you spend time in your mind bashing people who do not believe in you? It’s true, Micah. You turn your anger to people who disbelieve in you and shut down. Sometimes, you let your insecurity feed that seed of doubt in your mind. You doubt me. You see all this one day and then the next you struggle to believe. Do you know why?”

I lowered my head, “No.”

Jesus lifted it, “You lose your focus on me. You turn to doubt because it’s easier, but it’s a massacre against the true you. My son, you let something so small pull you away from me. Believe. Others will not come to me through you if you don’t believe in the vision I am giving you. All this I have shown you is that you would believe and tell my people to believe in themselves again.”

Jesus laughed softly, looking into my eyes, “Do you believe, Micah?” He placed his arm around me, “Never let something so small as doubt control you again. All my promises are true. What I give is real; what I say is real.” Jesus turned to look out the window, “The spirit realm is here; It is growing, Micah, but this world will soon end. It is time my church believes and leads the people forward into truth. Believe in prayer. Heal the sick and cast out devils. Perform acts of signs and wonders; do it all! But most importantly, keep your heart close to mine. Doubt will not harm you when your heart is one with mine.”

Jesus kissed my head and then on the cheek. His nose touched mine, “Is this real?” he laughed. “You are strong, Micah. Never forget that. Tell my friends they are strong, and they will endure the obstacles they face. They are never alone; my kisses will guide you. My kisses are my words. Lean into them and believe. Do not forget my voice.”

Jesus stood up to prepare to leave. I held onto his left hand, and he helped me stand with a firm grip, “Who can remove you from my grasp, son? No one! Show my strength inside you, and give them hope in what is real. Be strong!” He hugged me once again and was gone. I was in my room alone, trying not to cry. I hate it when he leaves me alone. But I laughed at myself. I had already forgotten what he said.

I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Be strong and courageous and do not forget. I will help you to remember.” 

A voice broke the silence, “I will help you too.” I turned behind me to see Eden smiling. He looked stronger this time. Eden touched my shoulder, “You have Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and me to help you.” 

I gave Eden a huge hug, “Thank you, my friend.”

Eden smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “You are my friend too. I like that. We must stick together, yes?” He touched my heart with his right hand. “We are in this together. No more doubting from you, Sir.” He winked at me playfully. Then He faded away.

The End.