Encounters and Writings

The Black Tower Part 1

The portal intensified in my bedroom, lifting it up into the air. How this happened I do not know…my attention now went to an angel, knocking on my bedroom window.

I love to read the bible and witness the supernatural events that took place there. I was reading and meditating on Daniel 10:10-14 for a while when the Lord placed me into the spiritual realm to see this story.  I encourage you to read the passage before my encounter below. 

Remember, the reason for encounters is to release revelation on the word of God, not to add to the Bible. No matter how accurate the revelation is, we should not place it above the word of God. Doing so will cause deception. I encourage you to read the visitation after you have read the passage. 

May the word of God run swiftly across the nations.

As I waited on the Lord, meditating on the Daniel 10 passage, a large angel appeared before me, holding open a portal. This angel appeared in silver light, standing 15 feet tall. His arms were holding a portal of light. The angel had his hair in a low bun held by a gold rope, and thick dark eyebrows. With his green eyes, the angel directed my attention to the portal above him as he held it open. 

He spoke to me,  “Enter through the portal of time, so that you may see what happened in the spirit realm. Today, you will see the story of Daniel 10 from the perspective of the angels. Are you ready?”

I looked up at the portal of time. “Yes. Show me, please.” I did not know what to expect. 

The angel grunted, using his powers to expand the portal to fill my room with swirling light and energy. I could only hear the angel’s voice now as he spoke. “You will enter the dark tower at Persia and witness the events unseen by those who are not willing to look. Do not be afraid.”

The portal intensified in my bedroom, lifting it up into the air. How this happened I do not know, as I was living with my parents at this time. I didn’t dwell on this phenomenon too long as my attention now went to an angel, knocking on my bedroom window. He was hovering outside among the void of time and energy.  In a royal set of armor made of sunlight, he raised his silver eyebrows while crossing his arms. His wings spread wide behind him, releasing silver feathers into the energy void. 

I opened the window, and He said, “There is trouble coming your way, Son. Stay still and in the Lord. We will protect you and make sure you get to your destination.” The angel released an electric sword from his hands.  “Do not be afraid.”

The angel flew back and summoned ten other angels to stand guard. My heart was heavy. I was ultimately out of control of the situation.  I sat on my bed and waited for the trouble to come. I locked my bedroom door. Luckily, I had my Katana, given to me years ago. It wasn’t sharp, but it could hurt. 

As I sat holding my sword on my bed, Eden, my guardian angel, appeared, “You don’t need that, Micah.” He chuckled. “I will watch you.” He turned around to face my bedroom door. He swung around quickly as if he forgot to tell me something. “Thank you for wanting to help us.” He messed with my hair,  “You are always ready to help us. Just relax.” 

He turned around to face the door. “The ten angels will do their jobs, don’t worry.” Eden’s presence changed from a friend to a deadly foe to anyone who trespassed. The light on his angelic presence shifted to a dark green tone. He was ready.  His steady right hand held a whip that had sharp stone on it, which gave an electrical charge. Then, Eden changed the whip into a massive, two-handed sword. His strength allowed him to hold it with one hand, and no, he did not waver. Eden’s voice was deep with passion. “Let them come to me. My sword has not spilled the blood of demons in a long time. ” 

Suddenly, I heard the sound of screams coming from outside in the void of energy. The ten angels began to circle my room, which created a barrier of light. Demons had now arrived, and their leader, whom they called in a demonic tongue, is too terrible for me to mention.  

Hordes of demons came, looking like a swarm of flies, but their bodies were snakes with large teeth. Their wings gave a hypnotic sound to weaken the angels who flew around, creating a barrier. There were at least thousands of them pouring into the void of energy. Black slime poured out of the tear the demons made. 

I locked the window. I was so afraid, “Eden, I am terrified right now.”

Eden encouraged me, “There is so much that your Father has saved you from, and you don’t even know it. He has sent us. We will make it through. Just remember the times you have defeated the enemy. Find your courage, Micah.” Eden lifted his amazing wings as the window cracked from the pressure of the portal! 

I looked out my bedroom window once more to see that the barrier of light had now become like fire, and the angels were now pillars of burning light themselves. They encouraged one another, saying, “Do not let them stop us. Charge your hearts with strength. The enemy is defeated. Suddenly, the angels hurled massive fireballs from their mouths and struck the army of demons like missiles honing in on their targets. The demons tried to protect themselves by foolishly tossing one of their own to take the blow, but its power was too great. The fire of God is too powerful.  The angels unsheathed their swords, and together, they called forth a massive ball of fire before them, like the sun in our atmosphere. The sun pulsated with the glory of God! Each push forced the demons to retreat; otherwise, they would burn.

Their leader would not accept his defeat, so transformed into a spider of magical power! “I will feed. I will feed!” I became afraid of him as his eyes caused illusions of loneliness.

“Micah!” Eden snapped me out of the illusion, “It feeds on fear! Our God will never leave us alone! Stay with what He has taught you.”

The spider tried to eat the glowing sun summoned by the angels, but it erupted and injured the spider. The spider was too weak to fight, and the void took him away, thus ending the battle. I felt relief as the angels shouted with a victorious cry. The burning shield left as the ten angels departed from the time portal! Eden and I were alone in our room.

Eden smiled. “See, I told you! We are taking good care of you. Your Father is on the throne forever.” Eden paused a moment and could see I was overwhelmed by what was happening. He sat with me. “I will sit with you until we arrive.” 

“Where am I going again?” I was too tired; I couldn’t think correctly.

Eden placed his wings around me. “We are going to see the events of Daniel, when one of my brothers was trapped in a tower by the prince of Persia, a ruler who betrayed God. You will gain an understanding of how powerful prayer is and how the angels of God react to prayer and the strength from each other. Just rest, we are safe now.” After he said this, I fell into a deep sleep.

**To be Continued**