Encounters and Writings

The Black Tower Part 3

Shielded by this light, the demons burned by the holy power from Eden. I was amazed, but something caught my eye; Eden’s wound. His wound leaked some kind of liquid light.

Eden held out his hand for me to hold; connection was important to him. “Come on…come on, we’re almost there.” I noticed Eden was leaking some kind of light from his side. He was hurt, this place, it was this terrible place. My friend was injured. I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t take away his injury. The only way I knew how was to keep walking with him. We came to the base of the tower where the pits of monsters danced deep below us in darkness. The tower seemed to ever grow towards the smog sky of the quagmire. It groaned grotesquely as the angel and I carried light–light here is dangerous. Even the liquid light dripping from Eden’s side caused the bog-like surface to shrivel like a spider when it dies. My back shivered as a formidable opponent stood at the very top of the tower; the Prince of Persia.

This fallen prince once stood in the council of the Elohim and now he governs the quagmire over Persia. He perched at the top of the tower in shadow like a bat. His appearance was actually astonishing! He seemed to carry a light that was beautiful, but terrible and false. He was a fake! His “glory” was rotten flesh from his skin, but still shining. His eyes were a deep blue but the insides of them were longing, wanting, and unfulfillment. He kept watch at the top of the tower and it was his presence that kept the tower standing. 

Eden pulled me closer, “The fallen prince is what keeps the Runner, he who carries the answer to Daniel, locked away.”

“Why doesn’t he see us?” I asked. I looked as his garments that once held the presence of God now dropped like lifeless skin from his bones. I realized the spotlight I saw at the top was him, the Prince of Persia. 

Eden answered, “He doesn’t see because he chooses to sit above, Micah. The fallen princes, the Elohim, have always been blind to power and control. All they wish for is dominance. So they turn nations towards each other. Wars upon wars, it has always been and will always be. These, who once stood in the council of God, truly are lost. They wish for humans to worship them, Micah.” Eden pulled me along, “Come on. We are near the gate to get inside.” 

We stood in front of a large gate that was surprisingly unprotected. Perhaps the monster who walked the lands was its guard. Eden opened his wings and light pushed the huge, chained gates open. They moved like a machine! The gate was made of spikes of iron in the shape of teeth. They cracked open, and broke from the pressure of Eden’s power. 

“Who enters my world?” The prince thundered from above. His slow, malicious laughter echoed, “Did you try to slip past me?”

Oh, my head hurt terribly. The darkness was becoming too much for me. I looked at Eden and he glanced back at me with his eyes, as if to say, “You are strong.” The gate  opened and a large, gangly, red-eyed demon exited from within the dark tower. Eden was quick enough to make us transparent so the demon could not see us. He passed through us, shouting, “He won’t talk, Master. The Runner won’t tell us the message. We have beaten him, but his light burns us as we try to hurt him. Perhaps, you should try.” The demon begged the prince, “Please, it hurts us to hurt him, please.”

The prince opened his large bat wings and hovered down the tower, he held an orb of light called Fallen Wisdom in his hands, “Satan demands you break him! Now do it.” The prince looked deep into the orb and Satan’s voice was heard clearly in a demonic tongue. The prince threatened, “I will beat you myself if you do not finish. My teeth have not chewed on demon skin in ages!” The magic of the prince was powerful to the demons and it showed, as he was able to use the Fallen Wisdom which resembles a crystal ball. His magic hid the orb as the prince laughed at the demon. It would seem that the Elohim see themselves as greater than the demons, as they have real authority or wisdom to rule whereas the demons are petty thieves in need of a body to harness their full potential. 

The demon rolled on the floor like a three year old taking a tantrum, “No! No! It hurts! We can’t beat him anymore.” The prince became angry and violently thrashed the demon again and again, until he pulled the demon in half! The death cry of a demon was unbearable. I ran into Eden’s arms and covered my ears. 

Eden hid us perfectly well, but I could tell the violence of the kingdom of darkness affected him too. This place is unlike anything I have seen. Then, the prince ate him again and again. I didn’t look. I only heard the sounds. 

As the prince finished, he left the demon barely alive, lying on the ground. He could sense something. He wiped the black fluid from his mouth and searched the area where we stood, invisible to his eyes. He said, “You linger in the shadows, but I cannot see you. I feel you! A watcher from out of time has come.” He hissed, “What does it matter…” Suddenly, the sky burned a bright red light as the quagmire was split open by the presence of God, and a falling sphere of glorious fire descended into the sky!

The prince screamed, “Michael!” His wings took flight to meet the angelic prince in the air. He stood in front of the angelic prince, holding the orb of Fallen Wisdom in his right hand. His right eyebrow raised as competition had now entered his realm. 

Michael waited in God’s glory, his sword of fire and lightning unsheathed across his chest. His bronze wings of fire are powerful carrying, the last light of the sun like the final glow of the sunset. The angel asked, “Where is the Runner? He has been delayed. Where is he?”

The prince squabbled in mockery towards Michael, “I do not know. He is mine. Come and get him, you slave of the Most High.”

I watched until Eden interrupted, “Come on, we go further. We must find the Runner.”

I asked, “Why am I here to see this? Why must I see this story, and am I really here?”

Eden smiled and held my hand to guide me up the iron staircase that was infested by demonic beings, “Because you must know, so you can tell others what it is like in the spirit realm. The demons, fallen Elohim and Satan have no love for you or care for you. They are filled with violence against God’s children. Micah, you must see how prayer affects the spirit realm on a deeper level. All this is happening because Daniel is a righteous man. He is loved in heaven, and hell knows it.”

“Why is there a realm called Quagmire and how did the prince get his own realm?” I asked. 

Eden sighed, “He was once beautiful and had his own realm, created by God, but he had fallen into deception and wanted worship for himself. He was deceived by Satan. When the nations entered into the worship of other gods, this is when dark realms formed and the fallen Elohim took residence inside these pockets of worship. The Prince of Persia has been here for a while and seeks control over this nation. Micah, true worship can disrupt the fallen realms and the Elohim! Daniel’s worship to Yahweh was so powerful that even the Prince of Persia was affected by it. Daniel lived in holiness which is worship to the Lord. Walking in holiness is a lifestyle of holiness. Even in your time, the princes and rulers of the air are threatened by you; the holiness of God is inside you!”

The angel turned to the large steps, cluttered with demons ready to challenge us on our journey. “Stay behind me, Micah. Even in the midst of darkness, pain, and suffering, there is joy. His presence is with you.” He turned towards the iron stairs and prepared to unleash his skills to dismay the demons who stood guard.  His face slightly turned with pain from his wound. He didn’t want me to be afraid; I could tell by the way his eyes glanced back at me when he faced the horde of demons. 

Each demonic shadow had red eyes and four arms with black raven wings. Their eyes were red, emitting a blood-like halo around their eye sockets. These demons were violent and chaotic in personality. Each demon had long claws, but the lower half of its body was like smoke from a chimney…black poisonous smoke that smelled terrible.  They gathered like thousands of bugs plaguing the corners of ceiling, walls, and floor. 

The demons drooled as they hissed their displeasure, for our company was unwanted. Their sharp teeth appeared rotting, and broken from the lack of hygiene. I could smell their breath. Even in the midst of his injury, Eden did not back away from this fight. These demons were going to try and kill us here. I was afraid, but I saw Eden holding his wound while his wings prepared to launch some kind of force to push the assault back. This gave me courage to stand with him, but I did not know what to do.

The demons gathered their strength to assault us! Eden pulled all the energy he had from within himself to release the light of God around us. He clenched his fist and brought his arms inward with his wings for a few moments while the demons charged us from the steps, from within the tower. At that final moment, Eden exploded with tremendous light–glorious light causing a rain of feathers to fall to the ground like snow. He pushed the light out from himself with all the strength he had, but I just watched from behind him. He held the demons back for as long as he was able.

Shielded by this light, the demons burned by the holy power from Eden. I was amazed, but something caught my eye; Eden’s  wound. His wound leaked some kind of liquid light. Out of instinct, I put my right hand over Eden’s wound on his side to help him; it was all I could do. Eden flinched, but something amazing happened. Eden’s power grew! My touch charged him! The light surrounding us intensified in power! The wall from within the tower cracked and split open! Eden’s power grew so much that his posture was bolder than before. He extended his arms out palms open, as the light grew in size and strength. 

I whispered, “Come on, Eden, you can do this. I am fighting with you.” Eden yelled as his energy grew into a fiery presence I have only seen in Jesus. I heard the voice of the Lord speak over Eden, and in one final push of His power, the demons turned into glowing ashes that scattered in the wind. 

Eden lowered his arms and turned to me immediately, “Are you all right?” He checked me, then brought me in for an embrace. His form swallowed me up in love and thankfulness, he is a very large angel. I embraced him for a moment until he pulled me away and looked into my eyes, “Thank you for encouraging me. You may not know this but we need each other, Micah. You will see this more in the end.” He placed his hand on my head, “Come on, the way is clear.”

We climbed the iron steps passing rooms of other spiritual beings who were trapped. I didn’t ask why they were there. We continued up to a very high room that appeared to be in its own dimension. This must be the prison the angel was trapped in.  There was a black stone door, protected by some kind of spell written in demonic tongue, but Eden removed it. There was no handle for the door, so you had to push it open. As Eden pushed, the tower started to crumble from above. Eden covered me from the falling stone with his wings. 

It was Michael and the Prince of Persia! Michael must have thrown the prince into the tower. I looked up and the prince was using his orb as a weapon, channeling some kind of dark power against Michael. I looked towards the room to see the angel who was chained, lying on the floor wounded, but his presence was amazing still! For the Lord had not left him.

“Eden! The Runner,” I yelled, “He needs help!” I stood up to go, but Eden was too strong. “Let me help!” I may have gotten carried away.

Eden became firm, “Stay here, Micah. Do not move!” His eyes went towards the ground as the floor of the tower was breaking! Eden held me with his arms, “The tower is the prince, MIcah. 

The power of this prince separated the room, with the Runner guarded by demonic energy like a black light. Eden and I were on another platform floating around! The Tower was under the Prince of Persia’s control! 

He mocked Michael, “You have no power here.” He stood slightly above the floating platform that the Runner was trapped on, “You think you can come into my realm and tell me what to do, Michael. I was once one who stood in the council of the Elohim.” WIth his magic, the demonic Prince of Persia launched a gigantic stone at Michael, which shattered on impact when it hit the angel. “I created this tower, you are in my domain!” 

Eden was starting to weaken again from his wound. He needed to heal. I didn’t know what to do. From under his wings and in his strong arms, I encouraged him, “Eden, come on, man. We can do this. God wouldn’t send us here if we couldn’t make it through.” Eden lowered his head towards me with a smile, as if to say, “Thank you.” He focused on keeping me protected from the debris from the stones floating around by the magic of the prince.

Michael charged his great sword with fire and called forth a fiery dragon from heaven, which appeared solid gold! Its four wings were made of light and diamonds! This dragon’s scales were shining like gems resting in light. It was made by holy white fire from the Throne of God.  The prince raised his own dragon out of black smoke and fire, using the orb! This shadow dragon had wings of dark smoke, horns of molten lava, and appeared to be skeletal! It roared and charged the dragon from heaven!

Michael rushed towards the prince, breaking through the barrier of stone from the floating debris of the tower that was under the prince’s control, until he struck the prince, sending him towards the ground. As the prince fell, his  black, bat wings moved the platform that kept the trapped angel, known as the Runner, from the magic shield.

Michael saw this as an opportunity to break the angel free. As he landed on the floating platform, the shadow dragon came after him! The holy dragon countered the assault at the last second, and clenched the shadow dragon’s neck with his teeth and threw him to the ground, turning him to dust.

“Come on, get up.” Michael broke the chains around the angel’s body with his bare hands. “Get up! You have a job to do!” The Runner’s eyes were glazed from being trapped in the darkness so long; however, Michael healed him with light.”  Michael turned his eyes towards us on another platform. Eden still was protecting me. Not one rock fell on me. Yet Eden was still wounded. Michael threw a ball of light towards me and I caught it.

Eden urged me, “Give that to me! Quickly now!” I handed it to Eden and he breathed in the light, healing his wound completely.

Michael said, “Stand to your feet.” He picked the Runner up, which meant I could get a better look at the angel who was trapped. 

His form was smaller than Michael’s; more muscular, lean-built. His hair was short, brown, I could sense he was younger somehow, but I do not know how I knew that. Michael touched the angel’s heart and armor fitted for a runner formed on the angel’s body. The Runner had a hood on for shrouding himself from enemy eyes, and his clothing was a lighter material for the kind of job he was given. Hidden in underneath his layers, there were daggers, just in case he needed them. Each dagger looked like it was made out of crystal that carried the glory of God on the inside–like energy. The Runner’s armor had many pockets and was woven together on the sides. As the armor formed around the angel, his spirit was restored! His eyes slowly opened to look at Michael face to face. 

Michael brushed the angel’s hair back, then brought their heads together for a moment. Michael blew on the angel, “Be healed, my friend.” The Runner’s presence was now restored, causing him to stand tall! 

Suddenly, a roar filled the area again. The prince floated up to meet them and summoned the large monster who patrolled the area. The holy dragon, Michael and the Runner now had to work together to get the message to Daniel.  

The smog within the area was sucked into a huge black hole of incredible power. The monster who roamed the quagmire and the prince were not going to let the message get to Daniel.

Eden said, “This is what you are meant to see. Watch closely, Micah.” The Monster stepped through the black hole with its grim appearance….

To be continued.