Encounters and Writings

The Beauty of Jesus

No other king moves my heart as He does. Sometimes, my soul yearns for the touch of Jesus. He is perfect! Part of my callings as a prophet is to shift and challenge people’s understanding of how much God loves us! Jesus’ love for us is beyond comprehension; it “surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19). I ask that as you read this post, you open your imagination. Ask Holy Spirit to take you into your imagination; to the place where His glory dwells.

The two angels who waited with me were silent because of what was about to happen; they wanted my attention to only be on Him. I could smell Jesus approaching the white crystal gate. Oh, so sweet, my Jesus, my King is coming! I waited for Him between the two angels with my right hand over my heart as it pulsated by His presence drawing near. One of the angels slightly pushed me forward as if he said, “He wants you.” These beautiful white angels had wings of sapphire and gold. They dressed in the most beautiful lavender robes that sparkled with fire. They too could sense Jesus coming; I could tell by the flutter of their wings. I took a deep breath as the gate opened up and My best friend entered His garden.

The angels bowed at His coming, and I looked into His eyes. He received the angels’ worship then gazed upon me. His blue eyes of love captivated me into His world where I am the center of His heart. I took a deep breath as the impact of sweet smells invaded my nose. I could smell frankincense and roses as He walked on the diamond path towards me. I didn’t care about anything other than being with Him. He has that effect on you. You will always love Him, and He is so good at sweeping you away with Him just by one glance.

Jesus is living light, light that no one can create or imitate. He the most precious crystal in every realm created. Jesus is the master of beauty; our Lord is the master of pleasure. He is light manifested right before your eyes. All glory and honor belong to the living God. He is more radiant than a thousand stars. His countenance is joy, love, peace, kindness, gentleness, and gleaming with golden light like the setting sun. Jesus, we worship you! Every step He took towards me emitted colors mingled with gentle spirits of life! I wanted to cry; I wanted to laugh, but before I knew it, He was standing right in front of me. His overwhelming glory fell upon me as He held my hands. He smiled and waited just for a moment. Jesus is never in a rush; He enjoys patience. When He was ready, He asked me, “Son, may I have some of your time?” I was so happy I didn’t even know how to answer, but He waited for me to voice my desire. “Yes Jesus, please!”

He smiled, “Every moment with you is greater than a thousand lifetimes, Micah. Every moment with you is a gift my Father promised me. I do not care who you are. I do not care what you have done. I long for these moments. I dreamt about them in my heart. You are greater than any dream spoken of…you are an expression of my heart manifested to anyone who looks upon you!” He pulled me closer so that my hands would rest on His heart. He said, “Can you hear it, Micah? The very rhythm of my heart has created music for us to dance too.”

As I did this, colors from inside Him spiraled out and circled us. Jesus then placed His hands on top of mine, and we spun around and around in the dancing light. I noticed we had left the ground and entered a realm of beauty that I had not seen before. Jesus said, “The most beautiful of My creation is you, son. I have given all of Myself to you. I humbly ask for everything from you.”Again, He waited for my answer.

“Yes, Jesus. Please take everything. I love you very much.” We began to spin faster and faster until suddenly we stopped upon the sea of glass. Towering over us in indescribable light and fire, was our Heavenly Father. Father was so happy to see Jesus, and me that He kissed us with blessings. Our Father was like a living rainbow; like a river of fire rushing up and down His being. I could see an innumerable count of angels flying around God like billowing clouds in the sky.

Our Father said to Jesus, “I am pleased my Son with whom you have chosen.” Then He looked at me and said, “I am pleased with you, child. In my heart, a river of joy flows over your name, and I am glad! I am pleased with you Micah, my son of light.”

Jesus said as He held my hand, “Tell my church, I am ready to dance. I am ready to see my dreams come true. Only you can fulfill this dream; I have chosen you! Come and dance with me into beauty!”

Prayer: Father, I thank you for Jesus! I receive His love for me. Jesus, you have all of my heart. Take me into your arms, Lord. I welcome your light and your power. I surrender to you! I want to dance with you to the song in your heart. I ask for the fire of your love to burn in me! I receive fire right now! Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see Jesus and the Father! I want to see my Family! I love you! Holy Spirit help me to think outside the box, help me to think the way you think! I ask to see Jesus’ dreams! I ask to feel the Father’s gladness!