Encounters and Writings

The Beauty of God

Welcome, everyone! It is my joy to share with you the beauty of God your Father. My goal with this post is to bring forth a desire in you to encounter your Father like never before. As a Prophet, I have been given the gift to see heaven, but not for my sake alone. It is for you to draw near to Him and let the God of heaven hold you close.

There will be a devotional writing that goes along with this encounter if you wish to take this experience further. Again, I ask that you would open up your imagination as you read the following account. Ask Holy Spirit to show you our mighty, Holy Father. Ask Him to destroy your box so you can jump into the fullness of His love. Enjoy!

I was in prayer one afternoon asking Holy Spirit to show me the Father. I wanted to see Him again. I prayed and worshiped God. After some time, I stopped to rest and suddenly I was flying through a portal of golden light. I was passing by millions of angels moving up and down around me in this portal. It was wild, but I was not afraid. I was so excited to see my Father. As I traveled into a brilliant light, I came up from under the crystal sea and landed there before the glorious throne of God. I was alone actually, no angel or person in sight. It was just me standing on the calm sea before my Father who was looking at me. I could hear Him breathing. Again, I was overwhelmed by His presence!

The glory of God is infinite, indescribable. He is astonishingly white light, brighter than a trillion suns. You can see all beauty moving out of Him in waves of different colors. Lovely sights and fragrances were coming from Him. He is all! He is the wonder! He fashions every reality from His hand. His hair is perfectly white. His “skin” is like the gathering of diamonds sparkling by light. His face is full of radiant love, which draws you into His eyes of blue fire. I can feel His heart towards me. All I wanted to do is be in His arms forever. He is love, and He is happy. There is a rainbow of perfect green light that circles Him–amazing! God is life; He is eternity! You can see eternity/infinity coming from Him which moves in and out of you. Liquid light moves up and down Him like a garment. Sparks of fire dance all over Him that also spreads out from His presence. Flashes of blue and red lightning come from His hands and feet. He is Holy!

I saw His robe, flow down the golden steps that lead straight to the rising throne of light. My Father leaned forward and brought His hands together saying, “Micah, would you like to spend time with me?”

I ran to Him as fast as I could until I was swept up into His arms. He whispered so sweetly to me, “Micah, stay here with me.” I felt His big warm hands hold my head back as a Father does to His child. I looked in His eyes of love. He said to me, “I do not see you as you see yourself, my son. I see you as a gift to my heart. I see you as my joy, my love, my wonder to the highest heavens and to the deepest parts of the earth. My light made you; I formed you in the deepest place of my soul. He pressed me against His chest to rest; I could feel Him breathe. God’s hands rested on my back, “You are my son. I am your Father; I do not want you to give this truth away for lies of the world. You will forever be my son and loved with an everlasting love that darkness cannot take away. I did not create you as a slave Micah. I created you to rule with my Son, and walk in His inheritance. I created you to stand up in me and walk into eternity. I created you to live forever in life with me.”


My Father took a deep breath and said, “Life, my son. I created you to live. Live in joy, live in peace, live in love. Living as a son of God means living in me. Walk in love, walk, in peace, walk in joy. My joy causes the enemy great fear. My peace causes the enemy great anxiety. You are free! Living in my freedom puts the enemy in chains!”

I sat up to look at my Father. He smiled while gently touching my face, ” If they only believed in me as I believed in them, son. I am not who they think I am. My church as decided to give me an identity instead of letting me show them who I am. I am patient; I am kind; I am slow to anger; I am compassionate; I am fun! I do not turn you away. You are my joy, and I am yours.” He paused and looked out towards the sea, “Micah, look!” He turned me around to see a spectacular view of Jesus approaching us.

Oh, my heart was so full of love for Jesus! He is coming! Jesus! My Father whispered into my ear, “Micah, I am so happy for the both of you! I long for the day when you dance with Him. He is the Desire of all Nations. I give you to my Son as a partner, as a bride! I have given you as an ally of great power and strength to my Son!” Jesus stood waiting at the bottom of the steps watching me with joyful expectation.

Father said, “Do you desire this Micah?” I laughed in response because I felt so much joy inside me. My Father laughed too. I guess my answer tickled Him. He looked towards Jesus with a joyful shout, “It is my pleasure to present to you my Son, the joy of my heart!” Jesus opened His arms to receive me. The Father placed His hand on my head to say, “Micah, there is no greater destiny than this. Chase not the dreams of the world. Love my Son, love Him well, and He will fulfill the desires of your heart.”

“NOW GO!” Father exclaimed. I stood up and held onto His hand until we released each other while I descended towards Jesus. I could feel Father waiting for my next return to His lap once again. He said, “Go and come back to me…you are my joy!”

I walked down the golden steps and stood in front of Jesus. He held my right hand while His glory washed over me. Jesus was looking in my eyes with amazement, “My friend, I see my Father’s beauty in you!”

If you would like to respond to this invitation to encounter, read the devotional here.