Encounters and Writings

The Archangel Uriel

I heard a voice shout, “Come forth, Uriel,” The Voice of God spoke from the thunder cloud of His presence.

I heard a voice shout, “Come forth, Uriel,” The Voice of God spoke from the thunder cloud of His presence. A hand from within the storm held an extraordinary jewel of light, and with his might, the Father stretched into being an angel whose garment was like a nebula. The angel’s hair was red, blue, and brown, which flowed like a river. His wings were like stars shining in the evening sky. With a regal robe of the cosmos, the angel opened his eyes slowly upon his arrival into existence. The jewel containing light lit up as the angel came alive! The glory of God was around Uriel, like a deep golden sun.

The hand of light from God touched Uriel’s soul as he blessed him, “I bless you with the light of my presence. You will guide the souls of man into worship and wisdom with my blessing. I empower you with my spirit, says your God. You will have no other master but I, says the Lord. Into your being, I place the authority to govern the stars of the heavens.” The hand returned to the storm cloud, and Uriel bowed.

The angel asked, “What is your name; that I may conduct this realm you have given me into this truth I have heard.”

The voice from the thunderstorm cloud declared, “I am the WORD of God. The voice of Yahweh, the creator of the spirits of men and angels. Today I have formed you out of the stones of my hand, and you will serve me. Now, look behind you!”

Uriel turned to face the space behind him so that he may see a world of galaxies, nebulas, planets, and other mysteries of space. The WORD gave Uriel authority to keep order among the sun, moon, and stars. God had fashioned the heavens with his word, and now he provided leadership to watch over his creation. Uriel’s bright golden eyes filled with tears as he saw the extent of such beauty. He rejoiced over the lights of space and the planets shining in the wisdom of God.

The voice inside the storm cloud spoke, “Look, the blue light, Uriel…I have made the most precious jewel of all.” His eyes turned to the bright blue planet, which changed his eyes by its reflection of light, “Look, my heart is here. Those who live in this world that I have created, I have formed out of the dust of the earth, but their spirit comes from the most intimate place, my heart.”

A tear fell from Uriel’s face as he felt something warm swell in his heart. His heart pounded for something, for someone. He looked down upon the stone over his heart and touched it with his right hand. His voice shook from the emotion he had never felt before, “Master, what is this feeling? I do not understand…”

The voice inside the storm answered him gently, “This, my dear, is love. You feel love. Love is your wisdom. I want you to love me and love those who are dear to me. I want you to guide the stars, moon, and sun into worship that flows from the love you have for me and my creation—sing of how great your God is. Sing loud so that those on the planet below may hear of my wonder, majesty, and power. Let the heavens declare the glory of God.”

Uriel turned to the storm moving beside him, “I will do as you said. I will hide among the stars and direct their song to you. I will keep watch over your order in the heavens. This love I feel, I want those whom you treasure most to love you.” Uriel paused a moment and wiped his tears. He asked, “Who are these you have made?”

The voice answered, “Those whom you will guide into worship and wisdom are my children. They shall rule as I do.”

Uriel asked again, “Am I to do this alone?”

The voice responded, “No. I have created other powerful angels: your brothers, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael; they are your family and the eldest of the angels I have created. You have a mission. Complete it.”

Uriel bowed, and the storm cloud left him. The angel fashioned by the nebulas took his place among the stars, moons, planets, and sun and worshiped the Glory of God. Let the heavens declare the glory of God.

And God said, “It is good.” 

I continued to watch the angel direct the luminaries of the sky into joyful praise and songs. The other heavenly beings, the Cosmic Council, watched and were amazed at such profound music from the lights of the sky.

Uriel was in bliss as he played his songs among the stars of heaven, but there was evil lurking in the darkness. For a moment, Uriel felt something wrong. He looked into the distance and saw a serpent, a star that had fallen deep red—filled with violence. 

It was a shadow, a darkness that schemed against the light. Uriel felt him…only for a moment.

Lucifer, son of the morning, was planning something, and Uriel sensed it.