Encounters and Writings

The Archangel Raphael

Raphael said, “Healing will not be the same as it was even in the days of Yeshua who came to earth. You will do even greater things than he. This time, your Father plans to move upon the medical staff, hospitals, and health organizations.

There is a domain called One Thousand Fountains. In this heavenly world, a powerful angel oversees the healing ministries and the angels who come to bathe their wings in the waters of life. The Archangel Raphael watches this realm created by the Master of heavenly lights, Yahweh, the God of all creation–seen and unseen. 

God created Raphael as the leader of healing within the angelic order, and he leads well. I observed the land where giant tiers of fountains released water in the air like an eternal drizzle–casting rainbows of breathtaking colors by the glory of God. Raphael, with his golden staff, kept watching over the land. His wings flowed like the rivers of the land, and his robe appeared like the great waterfalls of heaven. His hair sparkled like the pearls found in the sea. He glowed with God’s glory and comfort. I watched the angel steward the fountains and the flow of the rivers in heaven. Raphael seemed to resemble the element of water, while his other brothers, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, took on other elements God created. 

Raphael’s robe was a cascade of waterfalls which created more colors because of the light coming from his body. He moved in waves like the tide of the ocean, flowing into land and then out to sea. The sound of the tide was in the movement of his wings. With his gold staff, he formed bridges to the fountains of life and healing–bridges of gold and silver. All who needed to come and drink would come, and those who needed cleansing would come to be cleansed. I saw a family come and play in the fountains of light while two men who were great friends walked through the glowing rivers looking for turtles and other critters in the river.  The land was surrounded by giant waterfalls tumbling into the rivers below. Everything was connected!

Suddenly, I heard the sound of hundreds of wings riding on the wind around me. Angels who ministered healing came to dip their wings in the fountains and rivers. At the end of each feather, light blue and gold colored their wings.  Each angel flew into the earth on assignment to release healing to those in need. Raphael watched these angels fly away like shooting stars, but he remained always. Keep watch of the fountains. With his staff, he stirred the rivers, the lakes, the fountains.  I saw perfectly formed pools that housed gentle spirits of light, kindness, and love calling those who stood near to bathe in God’s goodness. These gentle spirits appeared like little circles of light made from the mist of the fountains.

The angel turned to me and flew before me, his spirit still connected to the rivers of the land and fountains that towered into the sky like buildings. He said, “I was created out of the river of life. The stones in my hair are the gifts and wisdom I must share with the lesser angels who need them. I worship Yahweh, the one true God, and Jesus the Lord of heaven– the designer of the spiritual beings. I do not leave his side. This is the realm of One Thousand Fountains; I welcome you, Micah Turnbo.” The angel took a pearl from his hair and showed me what is to come. 

Raphael said, “Healing will not be the same as it was even in the days of Yeshua who came to earth. You will do even greater things than he. This time, your Father plans to move upon the medical staff, hospitals, and health organizations. Healing will come in wisdom to stay healed. You will see the wisdom in health rise. God will give visions and dreams to those he has called to this.”

I asked, “But what about supernatural healing? Will that still happen more?”

Raphael chuckled, “My dear boy, it is all supernatural. It will come from God! The enemy hates divine health; he specializes in sickness and chaos in the body. So encourage those you meet who have a vision for health.” Raphael took his golden staff and waved it above my head, “Healing is coming all over the world, even in ways that you may not expect. It will challenge the religious mind. So make sure you let go of your idols.”

I asked Raphael, “You said you are made out of the rivers of life, Is that why you minister healing?”

The angel nodded, “Yes. I was born from the garment of God that flows into streams and oceans in heaven. The pearls and treasures of the sea are inside me. Micah, your Father is magnificent. Jesus held the pearls in his hand and called my name, unleashing my spirit into a form; thus I came from the waters.” He looked at his staff as he reflected on his created origin. “Micah, this golden staff displays more than authority; it shows trust. Those whom Father trusts receive his staff–his authority. A staff is in a relationship with the wielder. You have a staff,  and only you can hold it.”

I wondered what Raphael meant by telling me about his staff. I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. The angel looked at me with a slight smile, “Authority is a relationship, Micah. You cannot have true authority without a relationship. As healing increases, it will be available to everyone, but true authority will not be. As for those who do not have a relationship, they will not have authority.”

I asked, “What is the difference between healing and authority?” 

Raphael answered, “Healing is a result of heaven touching the earth. There is no sickness in heaven, and when it’s released, diseases leave. Authority comes from trust, friendship, and love. Authority shakes the heavens and moves the earth; it opens the heavens! Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Do not be fooled, Micah. Healing is not a sign of your authority. It is a sign that heaven is here. Authority only comes through relationship and trust with the King of Kings.”

The angel bowed respectfully to take his leave. Raphael said this, “Do not prepare for healing; it will come. Get yourself in a relationship with God. God is looking for someone he can trust.”