Encounters and Writings

The Archangel Michael

He stumbled his way through the angels, dragging his sword on the ground. He was bloody, broken…

The gates of Heaven closed behind Michael with a boom. Angels–all of them stood on his right and left, creating a pathway towards the Throne of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

He stumbled his way through the angels, dragging his sword on the ground. He was bloody, broken, emotionally and physically. His wings, that were once white, were brown and red from the blood of someone he knew and loved. His hair, straight and black, was dripping with blood onto his torn, white garment from someone so full of hate. Michael’s chest laid bare for all to see that his stone on his chest, which held his name, was cracked. His legs trembled from the pain he carried. His breathing was rapid, and his eyes were barely open from the blood dripping down his face. Michael was in pain. 

Yet, he walked forward.

The angels whispered and wondered what had happened. They didn’t want to ask him. The great angel’s focus was to get to the Throne, and no one stopped him.

I made my way through the crowd of angels closer to the heavenly Throne, so I could see what was going to happen.

God, the Father, and Jesus were speaking with the cosmic council of what was to happen next, when Jesus’ eyes saw Michael stumbling forward carrying his sword. In Michael’s hand was something very important he needed to give to Jesus. It was a mantle that was very precious; it was music. A song so sweet I have never heard anything like it.

Father and Jesus stopped speaking with the council, and they watched Michael drop to his knees, holding the mantle up to the Throne. Jesus knelt next to Michael with tears in his eyes.

Michael’s voice shook, “I have fought him in the plains of shadow to the mountains of brokenness. I struck him down and took his mantle of worship.” It was hard for Michael to breathe. He did not look Jesus in the eyes, for the light from him was even too much for the angel. 

When Jesus took the mantle from Michael, the angel bowed to the floor, “I have done what you have asked. I defeated Lucifer.” 

The angels gasped and mumbled amongst themselves.

Father raised his hands, and the angels were silent. He watched Michael intently to hear what he had to say. Father said, “I know; his spirit is wandering the void. I can see him in my eyes. Jesus, give me the mantle? 

Jesus did not turn from Michael when he stood. He raised his right hand, holding the mantle of worship up to the glory of the Father. The cloak disappeared into the light.

Jesus knelt in front of Michael again and placed his hands on him to heal the angel’s wounds. Jesus, so full of compassion, wiped the blood from Michael’s face with his sleeves. He cleaned the angel’s hair with light from his hands. He touched the angel’s wounds so that they would heal. Jesus looked deeply into Michael’s stone upon his chest and forged it together. Jesus could feel his pain.

Jesus said, “You have done a hard thing, Michael. You fought an enemy you loved; that is not easy. Your heart is grieving.” When Jesus said this, Michael fell into his arms and wept bitterly.

Father called out to the angels who watched the greatest among them weep, “Come to me, those of you who need healing. Today, you grieve from the loss of your friends, brothers, sisters, and those who shared the stone of light with you. Lucifer has fallen, and he will not return home.” Father stood from his Throne, “There is no plan to save him, but today…” Father looked down upon his son, who was holding Michael in his arms, “There is hope. I will have children who will take His place. My children will walk among the coals of fire. And they shall love me.”

Jesus held Michael until his wounds disappeared. Jesus said, “Let me heal your wings.”

Michael said, through his tears, “My Lord, keep them brown. For it is a reminder of what I have lost and what I will become. I will spill the blood of those who harm what is most precious to you. When the wars are over, may my wings return to white.” 

Michael’s wings are bronze with fire and light even to this day. His wings will return to white light when he finally rests from war. For now, he fights for you and me with passion and understanding of the pains of war. 

I share this encounter so that you would understand the angelic realm just a little more. Perhaps this will give you a respect for the angels who risk everything for us. This is written so that you would see that even one of the greatest of angels, falls at the feet of Jesus. Behold our God, the greatest in the highest heavens who has sent to us angels who are willing to serve with all their heart, body, and mind.