Encounters and Writings

The Angel Praise

Praise is a powerful weapon! Don’t underestimate the power of praise.

I was waiting on the Lord by sing to Him or telling Jesus how much I love Him. Usually when I do this, I just literally speak out loud why I love Jesus and why I like Him so much. Doing this puts me in the attitude of thankfulness and praise. Frequently, angels show up next to me to add to the worship coming from my heart, but a new friend visited me, the angel Praise.

I continued my worship to the Lord when an angel showed up and addressed me, “Hello I am happy to meet you.” I smiled at this angelic visitor, but I didn’t realise I hadn’t met “her” before. I smiled and kept singing when she said again, “Hi! I am happy to meet you.”

Oh, now I get it! Silly me!

I moved the pillows on the couch to make room for her to sit, she slightly bowed out of respect but didn’t sit down.

This angel appeared like a female in a soft golden robe! She had beautiful colors coming from a tambourine she carried. Her eyes were radiant green and innocent with a longing to understand everything! She was curious; very curious! Her eyes gave the sense of wonder like a child but also the wisdom beyond her years. Her hair was tied up into a bun by a single golden rope. Beautiful sounds came from her body of light. She smiled brightly, “My name is Praise, and your Father has given me to remind you that Praise is powerful!”

I stood up from the couch to welcome my new friend, “Hi my name is Micah. Nice to meet you.” I extended my hand to officially greet the angel.

I love watching angels smile when we welcome them. They love it so much! She gave me her hand and did a small curtsy. “Thank you, pleased to meet you.” I realized I was taller than the angel; wow she is the first angel assigned to me that is shorter than I.

I said to her, “I am taller than you…”

She smiled and shrugged her shoulder as if to say, “I don’t know what that means.”

She held my hand to say, “Your Father wants you to know that praise causes the enemy great pain. When you praise God, you speak of Jesus’ goodness which depowers the enemies lies around you. Praise is a powerful weapon! Don’t underestimate the power of praise. I am here to remind you that God inhabits the praises of His people, but also praise is a sword, praise puts God back into your focus! When you leave the enemy alone in his mess, he has great worry and anxiety. Did you know that you can make the enemy suffer now? Praise causes him great suffering but brings you into intense joy!” She squeezed my hand slightly then said, “Your voice is powerful!”

Then she gasped, “Come on! Let’s praise God!” She began to jump waving her colored tambourine! She exclaimed, “Praise you, God! Praise you, Lord Jesus! Praise you Holy Spirit!”

I joined her! What fun! Thank you, Father, for the angel Praise!