Encounters and Writings

The Angel of the Ocean

“Hello!” An angel said to me as he appeared on the sea. His appearance was like the waves shining by the moon’s light.

In the middle of the night, I was drawn out of my body onto the ocean waves. This experience was my first time standing on the ocean outside of my body. Surprisingly, I still felt sleepy.

I looked around as the waves touched my feet; there is no pain in my spirit world. I appreciate my perseverance on the earth through foot pain when there are moments when I can enter the spirit realm and forget all physical pain; it gives me the courage to press on, as pain is just for a moment.

“Hello!” An angel said to me as he appeared on the sea. His appearance was like the waves shining by the moon’s light. He carried a staff in his hand that caused the waters to swirl around high above us. He smiled as I marveled at his tricks with his staff bending the water to his will. “Bless you, Micah. It is an honor to speak with you.” His hair was light blue reaching down to the waters. I could see that he had pearls and other shining jewels in his hair! He was extremely beautiful and masculine. His staff was wood and polished perfectly.

The top of the angel’s staff was shaped like a diamond with a glowing light in its center. His staff was slightly taller than he was. I could hear the staff speaking whispers; it was alive!

He stood about ten feet tall with large wings of light. His wings were about six feet wide. He smiled again, “The waves of the ocean and sea are my assignment and all the spiritual beings in it. Just as there are spiritual beings on the land, there are those in the ocean and sea. Not all spiritual creatures in the waters of the ocean and sea are evil; some still serve the Lord.”

The angel raised both his hands with his staff pointing up towards the sky, “Micah, great signs are coming this year and into the beginning of January. The ocean and the sea will declare God’s glory, but also strange creatures will be discovered. Some creatures will appear as a myth, but a sign and a wonder to those who have eyes to see. I will allow some spiritual beings to be seen across the ocean and the earth’s great sea. Because I have been given authority by God to do so.”

I asked the angel through my yawning, “Why are you telling me this?”

He lowered his hands and knelt on one knee to look me in the eyes, “Because you don’t have a political spirit. Your father uses the earth and the sea to test man’s ability to witness his glory. Are they able to see, hear, and understand, or are they critical and too stubborn?” The angel smiled again, “Now, get back to bed, dear one.” He blew on my face, and I suddenly awoke the morning.