Encounters and Writings

The Angel Gabriel

This was the first encounter I had with Gabriel. It was such a blessing to be encouraged by one of God’s messenger. I wrote this out, as best as I could, so that you would receive from God through His angel encouragement to walk in your destiny as Sons of God. Enjoy!

One day while considering the skies of heaven, among the stars came one shining in brilliant blue among them all. Its glow was like a flowing fountain of light. I was amazed at its beauty among the stars of heaven. In a moment, the stars began to unfold into one of the most beautiful angels I had ever seen. He was tall and dressed in a blazing blue robe. It looked like this angel was created with blue lighting which shown from beneath his robe. Beautiful. His face was almost bronze, and he had white hair. At the tips of each strand of hair, there were colors which gave him a soft glow! A bright cloud covered his feet. His large sparkling wings were silver light! The other stars in the sky made way for this mighty angel; then circled around him. There must have been angels hidden in the twilight which brightened the sky! The great angel introduced himself properly with a gentle nod of the head, “I am Gabriel. One of the Four Great Stars of Heaven.”

What beautiful light this angel carried inside his being, the angel said, “I know who you are, Micah Turnbo. Present yourself with confidence to me.”

I stood up straight saying my name, “My name is Micah Turnbo.” Then Gabriel extended his hand to welcome me. Gabriel raised his trumpet and blew it towards the stars in heaven. In doing so, a loud sound pierced through me! The clouds rushed away as the framework of the sky shook! I could see the earth in front of me as Gabriel looked into it. His bright silver wings moved back and forth in response to the presence of God among us!

Then the angel said, “This is the time! Yes, the greatest time that has ever been upon the earth; where angels and men will release the destiny of God. Every dimension, dominion, and reality have been longing for the day when man will accept their identity as Sons of God. For by them, the order will be restored to the heavens, and the throne of the Son of God will be set upon the earth. Ever name will call Him Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Prepare for the cleansing to come by fire oh Sons of God, prepare for the darkness that comes to eat away the destiny given to you. Remain faithful! Remain strong in the Lord.” Gabriel’s wings extending about twenty feet, “I am a messenger, and to those who lift their eyes to the heavens, they shall hear the angels declare their longing for the completion of the fullness of time, and into the cups of eternity!” He looked at me and said, “To you Micah, it has been given, before the foundations of the world, to sit with Christ–to rule and reign with Him. Beware of distractions! Fear is a distraction! Shame, the promise of worldly riches, unforgiveness…those are distractions in the world; do not give into them. The promise of man’s fame is but dust of the earth.” Then Gabriel’s voice became loud like thunder, “To God be the Glory! To God be the riches! In His hand are pleasures forever more!” Then the angel became emotional, and I saw his vulnerability, “We love you, Micah. We love His children and have given ourselves to serve Him, which means helping you achieve the highest call given to you! By the Holy Spirit’s power upon us, we are given much to aid you…do not take the distractions by man’s hand. Do not eat of the worldly pleasures.” He flew close to me, and the cloud of glory covered me! He placed his big hand on my shoulder and said, “You and I…we are partners by the power of the Holy Spirit! By the love and grace of God, we will spread the name of Jesus Christ across the earth!”

He turned around to blow his trumpet to the remaining stars in the sky, which now had become blue angels like Gabriel! He faced me once again, “I have been given a company of angels to send with those who will press into their calling!” Suddenly, lighting flashed in front of my eyes and Gabriel, with his company of angels, was gone. The sky had returned to normal!

“The time is now,” the voice of the Holy Spirit said in my heart. “The angels of God are ready! They are ready to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like you, they shine in the darkness to bring hope!”