Elizabeth Turnbo

A testimony from Elizabeth Turnbo from the Throne Room Mentor Series.

From the Throne Room
Mentor Series

Tonight Micah taught a class online. I joined and had a pretty neat encounter with God. Thought I’d share what I saw when asked to envision God.

I immediately wanted to see the throne room, but not only with my eyes but all my senses:

  • Throne room: seeing God
  • Smell: Amber, burning wood
  • Taste: sweet mint
  • Feel: vibrations, waves of different temperatures, silk passing over my skin
  • Hear: singing, humming, yelling (joyful), music, bells, shooting stars many different collisions like fireworks..
  • See: galaxies,dancing stars, portals with angelic beings going in and out. Golden stairs, many angles and beings flying around with musical instruments, banners, He is drinking from a cup of thanksgiving and filled with Joy like a Jolly St. Nick. His beard is white and long and thanksgiving drips down it showing that tidiness is not perfection in the way we might in-vision. He is so very large!! He is clothed in white and gold with thick gold bracelets around his wrist, rings on each finger of different unique jewels (each one hums) and His crown is bright golden full of jewels (also humming). His face is not made of skin but of light itself and it shows as a skin to me because otherwise it would be too bright for my vision. His eyes go from emerald to Fire to a beautiful Purple, each color gives off a different constant emotion.
  • Emerald: life
  • Purple: Authority
  • Red: purity and passion