The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon

I understand that this may be a stretch for the mind. However, I am simply sharing what I have seen in heaven. I ask that you keep an open heart and search for the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Every true encounter will carry the fruit of the Holy Spirit which brings glory to Jesus–His character revealed! I will not try to convince you that what I have seen is real. That is not why this series is written. It is written so that you would see the beauty of God and the majesty of His hand in creation. Enjoy The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon: The Masters

Light and snow drifted up in a whirlwind as the Masters approached us. He is one powerful being of infinite wisdom: the Lord, three in one, the Masters as one–coming in glory. The Masters walked on top of the snow leaving prints of fire behind Him. The dragon lowered his head in reverence to the coming One in infinite Glory. I looked right into the face of the Masters while my thoughts drifted.

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon: Master of The Voice

Aviok Attune rushed forward, leaving a trail of fire behind him as he entered the portal created by the scroll. His wings cut through the wind and waves with power. As my vision cleared, I could see that we were flying over a vast sea of stories and time. It was an ocean with enormous waves rising to the sky like a whirlwind.

The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon: The Great Egg

Before we continue our journey to Athwani, it is time for you to understand the creation of dragons and how they began. Even a powerful beast has an intro into the created world of Athwani. The dragons call their world The Great Egg, but the angels call it Athwani. The Masters, who are the creators of all realities, humans, angels, and other spiritual creatures saw fit to make beasts of the spirit who are mighty in strength and composed of light.