The White Eagle: The Night Owls

This is the continued visitation of The White Eagle: Chazah. Please refer to that post for context. 

I Lifted my head once more to see our destination as we flew into the Face of God. The realm of light is so breathtaking! All my senses are overload with imagination and destiny. Incredible, indescribable brightness welcomed me as Chazah, and I went into intimacy with God. Chazah, being a depiction of Jesus, His greatest desire is that we would know God intimately and that we might find our place is in His light. Eventually, we entered the Face of God, a divine light of gold and silver! I cannot comprehend the glory of the Creator, but my home was looking me right in the eyes and a smile of love kissed my heart—behold your God.

Chazah Returns: The Gold Mountain

Chazah is a large beautiful white eagle with feathers dipped in gold. He is looking for a rider. Who will ride Him? Who is willing to give up compromise and fly on the back of the Lord towards the face of God? You cannot fly Him and keep your will. It has to be Him alone! God dwells upon the Gold Mountain…glory rains down on His dwelling creating rivers of shining jewels by His feet. Chazah wants to take you there; leave your way and fly!