Ministry of the Cherubim

Crash! The lighting and awe of God struck the ground right in front of me as a womb of intense light rushed around me. Oh, the presence of almighty God is so powerful; the fear of the Lord grips the foundation of your existence. Again, a bolt of lightning stuck the crystal floor and coming out from it were four great angelic beings. They were powerful standing tall like huge buildings we see on earth. They were covered with eyes! Eyes everywhere! And their four wings were solid gold! Each was given four heads: A man, an eagle, an ox, and a lion. They stood straight with the feet of a calf hooves. Each circled me saying in unison, “child of God.” Then I noticed that electricity was coming off their bodies and so their garments given to them. As I observed them more, I noticed that the Glory of God was moving around me and Jesus himself formed out of the great light in all majesty and power. Jesus Christ, the image of the invisible God looked me right in the eyes.

Living Creatures: Divine Revelation

The great light from heaven held me while I entered the reality of His world. I stood before God upon the sea of glass that radiated like crystal. I felt the intense love of God dramatically drawing me into Him—it pulled me closer. I could not resist it. I didn’t want to. I began my journey through thousands of angels towards my Father. In a blink, I was standing before steps of gold to enter my destiny—communion with God.