Demons: Pornography and Pride (Part 1)

It was early evening when I was interrupted by a familiar angelic being. He stood about the size of a man dressed in a white robe with a hood on his head. His eyes were light and his face was the color of bronze, “Hello young man,” he greeted me, “I have been prepared to show you something that the Holy Spirit has prepared you for.”

Demons: Pornography and Pride (Part 2)

Countless angels stood in the sky with the Glory of God circling them like a storm ready to pour its rain. The great demon became aware of the presence of God and screamed from the light, filling the world beyond humans. The angel with me said, “There will be a company of people like never seen before. They will walk in such power that even the mention of their name will bring forth the aroma of Christ.” The angel looked at me intensely, “Imagine one righteous person walking into a city and the principalities of the air are removed. These are the angels that will be summoned by the righteous—thousands upon thousands answering the call of the righteous.” The angels in the sky had eyes of lightning because they had looked upon the face of God.