Encounters and Writings

Sweet Moments

There are intimate moments that Jesus and I share that are so perfect that sounds too good to be true. Jesus is fascinating, and I wanted to share a sweet moment we had in heaven. My goal in sharing this is so that you would seek Him with all your heart.

Jesus and I stood in the Garden of Eden together which is beyond my skill to correctly communicate the beauty I saw. Jesus is so dazzling in all glory! He is like a cluster of diamonds or a blazing jewel that has the appearance of rubies! He is indescribably white—the brightness causes Him to be such a fiery blaze, yet I can see His eyes; eyes of wonder and love. I can see the joy in His eyes from deep within His heart. When He reached for my hand to hold His, lasers of living light came from His very palm. As I held His hand, I am now caught up into His radiance! Oh, the wonder I feel—the endless brilliance around me! Jesus’ presence is unlike any other! Gentle, silver streams dance in and out from around us—a manifestation of love between Jesus and I. A union that cannot be broke. Rings of Fire move around us; a symbol of passion that a thousand waves cannot extinguish. Jesus The lover of my soul, the beginning of Eden, is mine forever. And I am His!

He spoke to me, “My son, this is Eden the garden of God hidden in His heart.” I could see rays of red-like light lifting up from the garden of God into an open portal above. That was incredible! God’s own heart is the garden of Eden. Among the horizon, was a heart, but it looked like a giant ruby stone! Oh so amazing! Coming from His jeweled heart, was dark maroon, colored light which twirled in the air. Beautiful sounds touched my ears, and there was a constant beat coming from His heart. One of the rays of light struck me right in the chest, and I could hear the word of God rise up within me! His living Word, Jesus, held onto my hand as I fell down from the impact of His glory. “Stand up! Stand up!” He said to me. “Come, this is not the end of our journey for the day.”

I could feel the water as the surface on which we stood, but it manifested like a rainbow! We were standing on a liquefied rainbow and each color I had never seen before. Each color was alive with rhythmic movement. Rising from the waters were small bubbles that shown with a soothing pink light. Inside I could see little spirits in them, but I did not know what they were! Jesus helped me to regain my strength and said, “Look, come with me to the birthing place of angels.” He waved His left hand, and we instantly began to rise up into the portal!

My senses had now become so overloaded with the most ethereal sounds I have never experienced before. This realm above Eden was like a fountain within another fountain. Around us were mountainous waterfalls that glowed a honeydew color. Jesus, who guided me, landed on a small circle stone area in the center of the high falls. As Jesus stood center, His robe radiated more intensely than before! At this moment, Jesus’ robe joined with the great falls that flowed down into the portal below. In doing so, I saw something incredible. Angels—countless of them began to rise out of the falls like fireflies into the sky. Their very spirits, like a cluster of lights, flew into the portal below with their mighty wings. I covered my mouth in complete awe of this scene. I reached for Jesus’ hand and kissed His shoulder.

He had a warm smile because He is a King of Joy and delight. He rested His head on top of mine and took a deep sigh of peace. This place was marvelous, and every breath from God entered my spirit. The sounds of endless wings, flying by me—Jesus’ joy created heaven and earth—it was so perfect!

He is so perfect! With a tender voice, he said, “There is no spirit that does not come from God, these newborn angels will go and stand before my Father upon the crystal see and receive their name and tasks.” Of course, I had plenty of questions, but I did not want to ask; I just wanted to be with Him. I rested. While watching Him create the spirits of angels. Their faces glimmered with love, joy, and peace as their new life had just begun. Jesus said, “Son, I am showing you this because I love you. Tell my bride, I love her. We will stand at the beginning of a new age to witness the morning light—an age that will never fade. She will be my partner, and I will be her Lord forever!”

Do you want a visitation? Have there been precious moments with Jesus that you have experienced? It could have come in a dream, vision, or impression. It can come as a mere thought. Please leave a comment I would love to hear.