Encounters and Writings

Sunlight: The Bridegroom

“In the heavens, God has pitched a tent for the sun.  It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his course. It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its warmth.” (Psalm 19:4-6)

I heard, “Micah, you cannot stop the sun from rising, and you cannot stop my Kingdom from advancing. My word is faithful and true, and I will complete all that I set out to do.”

I went into Heaven. I ran down a tunnel of light and saw Jesus waiting for me. His robe was like the glory of the sun. He smiled at me and held me close by the waist. After a gentle kiss on my cheek, he said, “Stick with me, Micah. My word sustains your heart. It gives light where there is darkness. Walk with me; never leave my side. Never let the word of God leave your heart.” We began to walk together down the portal of light that was like a tunnel of liquid energy. Angels as bright as a passionate flame touched us with their wings as they flew around Jesus and me. Again, Jesus said, “The word of God is precious, Micah. Never let it leave your soul as the sun rises; nothing will escape its light.”

I said to Jesus, “Let me continue to see your glory, Lord. Light up my eyes. Show me your face again and again?”

His grip around my waist was firm as he smiled, looking on. Jesus looked at me and said, “I will give light to your eyes, Micah.” He was so happy to hear me say that.  As we continued our journey down the path of light, we came to the Throne of God.

Father sat upon his throne of glory, which appeared like hundreds of diamonds. Great wheels of fire were on each side. His robe sparkled like the cosmos or a thousand suns, and His white hair flashed with lightning even while the crown of stars rested on his head. Father stood up at my arrival, sending flames out from his feet towards Jesus and me. 

As He stood up from his throne, golden steps led up towards him; Father spoke my name, “Micah, my son.” His eyes of blue fire smiled as my name left his lips. Father walked down from his throne and stood before us both. With a firm grip, he pulled both Jesus and me into his arms and squeezed us. Father gently leaned into my right ear and said, “My son is the bridegroom, and Jesus is to be married to the greatest gift for Him. Micah, you are that great gift to my son’s heart, and he has requested that you marry him. The bridegroom is the rising sun, the one who will come for his chosen bride. Micah, seasons will challenge love, and I will see who will remain with Him and who will not. The battle for human hearts is intensifying. Those who do not have their secret place will lose sight of truth, and my son is truth.” His warm breath touched my ears as Father continued to whisper to me, “Do not lose sight of Jesus; his Kingdom is here, and it is coming; it will fully manifest, but the spirit of the world can blind you. The spirit of the world is called fear of offense. Blessed are those who are not offended. Delight your heart in my son and fear will not overcome you.”

Father stepped back and looked into my eyes, and then he turned to Jesus with such love I cannot describe; their love is perfect. Father said, “I bless your union. I bless your intimacy. I bless your friendship. 

Jesus turned to me and pulled me closer to him with a smile; his eyes sparkled with gladness and anticipation!