Encounters and Writings

Stargazer: Heavenly Host

Stargazer, a high ranking angel of six fiery, bright wings, stand as leader of the Burning Stars of heaven. He came to me to deliver encouragement to God’s people.

Several descriptions of angels in the Bible describe them in military terms. such as encampment (Genesis 32:1-2), command structure (Psalms 91:11-12; Matt.13:41; Rev.7:2), and combat (Jdg.5:20; Job 19:12; Rev.12:7). The heavenly host participates in the war in the second heavens against Satan and his fallen angels/demons.

Angelic armies have charged our planet by moving in and out constantly. Our Father has assigned angels to stand guard for the righteous and for us to release them into battle to destroy the works of the enemy. I am delighted to tell you of such an encounter I had with a warrior angel who visited me for several weeks. Angels are creative, and some do not look like us! Some have fire coming out of their backs like a long cape! Some look like lions; some are so huge they cannot fit on our planet! The Father has given me a gift to see and speak with angels to encourage the body of Christ! For this encounter, you will see a drawing I made of this angel describing the scene in which I met him. Enjoy, and keep your eyes open!

I sat on a large rock waiting on the Lord. It is always such a delight to wait on His presence…Father constantly surprises me! It was a warm evening as I waited to see what Father wanted to do. As the sun began to slumber behind the trees, a bright light, small like a marble started to approach me from the sky. I was excited to see what the Father was going to bring me! The light began to intensify in power as it came closer to me. It swelled up in size to form a massive angel!

I did not shout, surprisingly, I marveled at the wonder of God’s creation. This mighty angel was extremely bright with six beautiful wings dipped in glory! This high ranking angel’s wings created a sound of flags crackling in the wind. I could hear fire coming from the center of his being. As I continued to study this angelic being, I saw that he was made from fire like the seraphim, but he was different than the others of his tribe. He was not an angel who watched the throne…though he was sent from the throne to me, he was fashioned for war. He hovered in front of me with one arm behind his back.

Star Gazer
Star Gazer

His body was burning bronze from heaven. He was straight in his posture. The angel was given a blue sash around his chest that spoke of his rank in the heavenly armies. He was strong; I could feel it! The angel was given a golden helmet that pointed up with two tusks coming down. The glory of God was all around him. As he approached me while I sat on my rock, we looked at each other with respect. It was an amazing feeling. I felt like I was royal and this angel was giving me respect because of who I represented. I represent my Lord and Master–Jesus, and he knew that.

His voice was very deep in power with layers of sound I cannot describe to you. He spoke with authority, “Do you know whom I serve?”

I sat up straight and said, “You serve the kingdom of God.”

The angel wings began to rest, “I am Stargazer a being of fiery light in the heavens. I was born in the fires of heaven and sent to watch the skies of your world. I stand before you, the highest of my class. I present myself before you to speak with a ruler of earth.”

I said nothing…what should I say?

Stargazer asked, “Have you a teachable spirit, Micah? Are you ready to learn? If you desire to see kingdoms beyond your understanding, then you must be teachable! Throw away everything you think you know. Give out your system and break your walls! The angels cannot do this for you. You are given the right to rule your mind, body, and spirit. This has to be your choice.”

He waited for me to respond to him. “I will do it. I will become teachable and humble.”

The angel affirmed my answer by raising his white wings of fire, “Good, now listen to what I have come to say. The Father is not waiting for the end of the age for you to rule. Do not wait until death for you will not see it. You have been raised with Christ…death shall not come to any of His children. Do not live like a dead man! Live now in who you are. The body must die…it must! It cannot harbor the mysteries of the kingdom. The body cannot live in the full measure of destiny. You must live now in the spirit! Live now in truth.”

He placed his hand on his chest saying, “I am the leader of the Burning Stars of heaven. I am Stargazer sent to war on your behalf. I have been given one million angels to watch your city.” After he had said this, the sky behind Stargazer changed, and I saw the angelic host watching from above like shining stars of beautiful light. They shouted, “Long Live the King!” Each one had a sash but of a different color.

I was in awe of this beautiful sight! God’s powerful army for our city positioned right in our sky. The angels said, “Forget your systems and your own way! Surrender now to who you truly are and release us! You have been given authority! We shall burn the demons of the air by holy fire. The kingdom of God is here!”

Stargazer opened his hand to me saying, “Do not forget who you are. Open your heart and receive the majesty in you and rule now! Do not wait!”

Then Stargazer flew away towards his army assigned to him in the sky waiting for the church’s command.