Encounters and Writings


Through the crystal light, the angel whom I call Coach, brought me to another dimension in heaven. Yes, it was very colorful here, by the opening stood two great lions with enormous wings with eyes all over their bodies. They were as tall as skyscrapers and as wide as a football stadium! Their bodies were so bright with glory and their eyes were within and around. Fire appeared to dance around them. My breath was captured by these creatures whom inhabit the throne room of heaven.

Coach the angel stood behind me giving a very rough back rub, “Are you ready to see the King. He is waiting for you in the forest behind these creatures.”

I turned to my angelic friend, “Well what’s behind the Lions,” I asked, “Are you coming too?”

Coach shook his head no then tugged my ear, “My task is to bring you here when needed and make sure you are doing well. If I am not needed I will go.”

This angel is very much my friend! He never told me his name and has no desire too. He told me that His name is what I choose to give him. So, I call him Coach! He likes it very much because he has the body of a wrestler. He smiled bashfully then cleared his throat when he first heard his name. He stands about 6’1 very muscular (like a body builder) with a buzz cut! He is in a muscle shirt that has fire coming out of it. He is in a robe but it looks like it was styled for exercise! Light comes from his head softly and fire from his back! I can’t tell if the fire comes from the angel or the muscle shirt. Sometimes when I come to heaven, Coach is the angel that greets me and ask me how I am doing. Often his version of “hello” involves him hitting my back hard as if to say “Pucker up.” I mean he could knock me over!

“Are you ready? Do you need anything else?” He checked me, “I think you look good!” He gave my head a rough tap to say goodbye then turned around to leave by entering the crystal light behind us. “Oh yes, welcome to Autumn Forrest!” The light took him away.

I turned back to the huge lions standing by the opening of this forest, but all I could see was light coming from the opening! It was so beautiful, as if light was a substance. Ripples of glorious light came from the opening like colored streams from a flowing river. They spiraled into the air making lovely sounds from heaven. I took my first step into this light—into another dimension. Briefly the face of Jesus was right before me and then it disappeared…my heart leaped!


The Lions lifted their wings and I walked into a forest with trees reaching to the sky. Like rain, the leaves fell on me but music—symphonic sounds from the leaves brought me into a rhythm of the Forest. I turned behind me and the Lions were still facing the same direction but their eyes; all of them were watching me, watching the glory of this realm.

I have never seen such trees as these before. Their bark sparkled with emerald-green and blue, but each tree reached into the sky and the end of their leaves draped over this dimension. I heard the voice of the Lord, moving about the forest, “Breath…the breath of God. The blood of Jesus Christ!”

Yes, the leaves were falling on me—crimson red like the blood… “The Blood washes away the sins of the world. The blood of Christ is the mystery of heaven,” The voice said on the wind. The giant leaves were crimson but filled with light. I wanted to try to see the top of the trees going into the sky, but I couldn’t—the clouds took them from my sight. Even the clouds were glowing and I could see hundreds of angel in them. I was unsure then if they were clouds or a cluster of angels floating in the sky. The ground was painted red by the leaves but they did not hide the path for me to walk. As the leaves fell upon me, I notice the trees were not without life; however, they were still bountiful in their appearance. Gently, each tree swayed back and forth from the soft winds gracefully touching them. The voice returned, “The wind of the spirit brings life. The blood destroys death…resurrection!”


I listened closely because the voice was not thundering, it was calming! It went into my ears finding its path to my spirit to rest. I was intrigued by this realm thus I started to walk down the path set before me among the raining crimson leaves.

As I walked, Jesus appeared…we held hands and walked through the forest of red. He was silent and that is ok! We just held hands—being with each other! Joy, peace, beauty, and love! All in the hand of the One—Jesus my friend knows me so well! He turned to me and smiled. The compassion in his eyes wrote a love song only he and I know, the wonder of such a beautiful King

“I am happy right here with you Micah! My Joy, my love, my peace is being with you son and I have given it to you!”

I rested my head on his shoulder in complete security! Moments like these are irreplaceable, because we are just being together in complete confidence!

We walked into the majesty of his glory until I can’t remember even returning!