Encounters and Writings

Mr. Angel

I remember one particular day I was taking a walk when a very youthful looking angel appeared next to me and gave me a wedgie. He had white short hair that sparkled with glory and a long white robe mingled with silver, glowing dust. His wings were large feathers of blue, but he hid them once he stood with me. He was over six feet tall with an athletic body type.

“Excuse me…” I said to him…I was a tad bit annoyed.

“Excuse me…” He said back to me, then he pinched my bottom.

“What are you doing?” I asked smacking his hand away.

“Playing.” He said amused by my question. “You need someone to play with.”

“I am fine thank you.” (Can’t believe I said that)

“Yes, well fine time is over. It’s time to have some fun!” He started doing the moonwalk in a circle around me. “Jesus had fun. You can have fun. I have fun. We can all have some fun.”

I laughed! “You are so different!”

” I am me! You are fine…I’m here to help you be you,” He quipped.

I thought for a moment how silly I looked to heaven. I’m trying to be fine instead of being me. The only fun way to live is to be me and no one else. My identity is not fine. I am a Son of God. I am better than fine. My identity is not worry, anger, lust…I am a Child of Light.

I looked back at the angel, “Well I guess I need to stop being anything else and be what I am!”

The angel was now standing on his head with his arms crossed, “Yes, turn that frown upside down. You gotta think differently, Jesus was all about standing upside down.” He smiled, “Come now Mr. Turnbo, Try it! He then floated into the sky upside down and waved goodbye.

Angels are fun. Thanks Jesus for loving me and reminding me of who I am!

Another day, while walking, the same angel who visited me a few days ago appeared.

“Can I help you,” he said as if I asked for him.

“Oh Hello Mr. Angel. Do you mind if I call you that because I don’t know your name,” I asked?

He smiled, “I am a friend to you? I like Mr. Angel.” He paused a moment then pointed to the sunset, “There is a world behind what you see Micah. A world hidden because of doubt and unbelief. They believe in such magical worlds created by the minds of humans because, well…they want something else. They know there is more to what is seen.” The angel put his hand on my back, “Did you know everyone is created supernaturally first before they enter the physical world?” His joy filled eyes sparkled with life as he said, “Yes! You are made to look into the unseen world– the world of dreams unto God! God desires that all his children wonder of his marvelous deeds, but the enemy hates God and more so his children! They will look into wonder that even the angels have never seen or will get to see. You will teach us of the mysteries one day, but that day has not yet come.

I was feeling the joy of heaven inside me ready to burst, “That sounds so wonderful! I know there is more! I want him to take me to place I have never dreamed of! I want to walk with Him whenever he desires to go!”

The angel clapped his hands saying, “Well! Then it is settled.” He turned to leave rather abruptly.

“Wait where are you going,” I called to him. I wanted to finish our walk and I enjoyed his company.

Mr. Angel laughed and turned around to hug me, “You will see me again when it is time. But I will tell all my friends my name you gave me.” When he said this, a name tag appeared on his robe saying, Mr. Angel. “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.” He vanished as the wind carried him away.