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Lord of Spirits (Part 1)

Hello everyone! I am beginning another series called Lord of Spirits. My purpose in writing this is so that you would understand more about the angels, and other beings of heaven called spirits. Not all beings are angels, some are spirits of heaven. And they would be classified, along with the angels as the host of heaven. God is sometimes referred to as the God of Spirits (Revelation 22:6 or Numbers 27:16) and The Lord of Host (Isaiah 6:3 and 1 Kings 22:19). The host of heaven answer to his leadership and does his works. Not all of them are angels, which are another kind of spirit. Some of them look very different, but all answer to God. Heaven is full of mystery and wonder; it is impossible to comprehend the majesty of God. In these coming post, you will learn of your identity as the angels and other beings explain the purpose of man who also have a spirit and the difference between our spirit and theirs. Also, this will be the first time I tried spelling out the languages of heaven. I am totally taking a risk here as I have no idea how to spell them, but I tried by the way it sounded. have fun with that! I hope you find these encouraging and may you marvel at his work once again!

There lives great and powerful creatures my eyes have never seen within the forest of heaven. Some made of stone and some made by the very fabric of air. The angels called them great spirits or Guvinna which means High Spirits in their tongue. But little did I know we had a name for them too. I felt anticipation rise up in me! What will I see, this dreaming world from the beginning of time—what secrets are buried deep? I lost myself in my thoughts as they swam through the river of wonder.

“Micah,” the angel playfully poked me, “You’re daydreaming again. In heaven your dreams are seen in full…the imagination is tangible.” I smiled because I knew he saw what was in my mind. “Come on!” He said holding out his hand to lead me into this glass-forest.

Oh the splendor of such light and magic I felt. The powers of God flowed through every aspect of the forest. This forest was different in its radiance than the Blue Forest we visited. I could hear gentle whispers riding on the wind around me. How can this forest be glass? I was too curious to not touch so I pulled the angel around by the hand to touch everything I could.

The tall trees were like diamonds twisting together from its bark and then spinning out with golden leaves. A soft pink glow adorned each tree like a halo. Even the trees spoke in a language which I do not know how to utter with my own tongue; however, I understood them. As I looked deeper into the leaves my eyes could see in such startling detail. The outer rim was silver and the veins were a rich red color—a blood red actually. The trees were so alive! It appeared that there was energy moving through the diamond like skin. I wanted to stay with the trees but the angel wanted to move on. There were another group of trees made of sapphire stone. Its appearance was like fire which was soft and warm. Its flames reached higher than most of the trees in the forest and it arched out over us like a canopy of flowers: roses, lilies, violet glories like a crown. These great trees were also adorned with spirits.

The angel said, “The Lord of Spirits is God the Father. He has created things from the palm of his hand. His breath gives all the spirits life. I am too a spirit but from another kind. You are a spirit to but fashioned from the heart of God.” The angel stopped speaking quickly because he knew I would ask questions; he was adamant to move on to the greater things.

The appearance of the bushes in the glass forest were indeed shafts of light. It seemed that the creator of this place used a paint brush to add colors to each bush like a painting. As the angel continued to guide me through the light emanating from the forest we came to an open field with tall grass that also looked like someone had painted: Greens, blues, and a dark purple. The grass gave the sound of stringed instruments while the winds glazed across them.

Gentle soft spirits began to arise as a visitor made from the great clouds descended upon the angel and I. He had the voice of ten men it seemed! I was unsure if this creature was made up of ten beings. His voice had the sound of air-like wind chimes. He was given four great wings of translucent light. His head was human with antlers like a powerful stag. He had golden eyes and a long white beard also interwoven with diamonds. His lower half was likening unto a thunderstorm! He hovered in front of the angel and I with his arms behind his back. I would mention also this creature’s upper body was a mist that had a rising sunlight glow coming from his chest. I was astonished by his appearance. He spoke in another language by one voice and English by another.

“Glory! Light one.” He greeted me. I have never heard of such a greeting and I had no idea how to respond. He must have known my thoughts because he addressed his odd greeting, “I am seeing the glory of God in you and you are now light! I see the spirit in you—another spirit resting in the Spirit crafted in the heart of the Lord of Spirits. The seed of the Son is what gave you life and the Spirit of the Lord is what filled your void. How great is the Lord of all Spirits; who is greater than the creatures of heaven? His wisdom is unsearchable, but blessed are those who seek and ask; for light shall come and they will see.” He bowed his head in respect.

The angel tapped me, “Bow your head. It’s part of the greeting for these beings.” I did but I wanted to ask him who he was.

I stuttered, “What…are you?”

He answered I am not an angel; I was not birthed by the winds or the elements of heavens, but I was made from the dust of God. The glory that falls from his hands is the beginning of our kind. Like sand in the hand of God so are we who fall to the surface of the crystal see. My Voice was given by the thoughts of God, the Lord of Wisdom and Light. His four wings fluttered!

It was then that I noticed that this creature had four foxtails coming down from his head but fashioned with white feathers of a Cockatoo, and they came together in the end with a golden rope. He was very fascinating! Wow! He looked into my eyes and said, “To you it has been graced by the Lord of Spirits to meet the great white dragon, Thainuel—Michael’s friend and confidant. It is he who gives wisdom to the dragons of this field made by white fire! He is given authority among the high dragons who council near the river of Auewin.” I had no idea what he meant. I was distracted by him…he must have known as he said, “Just wait and see…”

I would like to describe the clearing and the white clouds that surrounded us. Even though this creature had towered over us, he was part of a great cloud that had come down. There were others with him but they were moving about the clouds within him…perhaps he was a carrier of other spirits. I could see other images that I do not have the language to describe. However, I will compare it to the animals we have on earth. Around and within the cloud, I saw white tailed deer with the feathers of a peacock coming out from their backs. Another was a white bear with fur colored like a lemon yellow and it had bronze claws. The bear was given much strength. Another had the shape of a weeping willow tree, but its leaves were like the most precious butterflies with colors of white-gold and blue. I have never seen such wonder inside another heavenly spirit.  These were the creatures I could see inside this cloud spirit visitor. I do not understand how I was able to see them in such detail. There were millions of them flying around inside this visitor who stood before us. After I saw into him I was able to focus more on this spirit as a whole. From afar the spirits inside this great spirit looked like fireflies in his lower portion. Our God is amazing!

“I am what he has made me to be and that is why my name is given. I am a Gilthwino and there are many of us…” He smiled at me. I looked into those golden eyes and saw his curiosity. His gentle face composed of meekness, and strength. His face was shifting colors like a rainbow. How beautiful is our Heavenly father to make such amazing spirits! He surly is the Lord of Host…

Thainuel the Dragon

To be continued!