Encounters and Writings

Lord of Spirits: Imagination (Part 2)

This is the continuation of the visitation I received, Lord of Spirits: Please refer back to part 1 if you have not read it yet. In this section Thainual the White Dragon is introduced. You will also Learn about the truth of the imagination. Enjoy the visit to heaven…don’t get lost now. Jesus loves you!

While pondering God’s greatness, my eyes looked upon the clouds floating above us. The sky was so beautiful. I always loved looking at the sky in heaven. Great clouds harbored cities made of light, but they also sparkled like colored gems. I wanted to explore them so much, but the angel who knew my thoughts said we could not go there. He joked that I would not want to go back home if he showed me too much. He was probably right!

I continued to study the clouds and I was astonished that each one was also some kind of spirit as well. I saw them become the shapes of great fish of the sea. Giant size whales swimming in the sky-ocean. I covered my mouth in amazement. “Aren’t they beautiful Micah,” The angel asked, “These are the spirits in the sky. They were Created by the imagination and dreams of God. You know, if you were to think such things and believe, you could cause the spirits in heaven to take shape.”

I turned to him because I have never heard of this before, “What do you mean?”

The angel smiled while covering me with his bright wings, “You are created with imagination-the ability to dream dreams and see into vision. It is the same way God made all of us. He had dreams and spoke with vision. His imagination became tangible into living things. You were made to imagine and create just like him. Some of the most powerful miracles that will happen on earth will be by those who walk in their identity and begin to create. Even the sky will obey, the earth will be like a potter, and the waters like paint for those who believe.”

“Creative miracles Micah!” A voice said behind me, “I am the creator and my dreams will be seen all across the rivers of time and baskets of reality bellow.” I turned around but there was no one there. “I am not behind you Micah; I am inside you. The imagination. The dreams. The vision…I am the Holy Spirit the conductor of the heart.” I looked down at my chest and saw a glowing light as he was speaking, “God the Holy Spirit lives right here. This is what makes you different than all the spirits of heaven. I live inside! We are light twisting and becoming one Micah.”

I looked at the angel and he appeared excited for me. He bounced up and down, “This is so exciting! The children of God are the most fascinating to us.”

Suddenly the sky opened up liken unto two great doors and a white dragon appeared flying through the gate from another realm. He was spectacular in appearance. He was like crystal-sparkling like ice. He had two powerful horns coming from his head made of solid gold. An aura of white light circled him while a ring of fire became the outer of its presence. This dragon was given authority by its maker to burn demonic beings who stand against the kingdom of God. The wings of this heavenly visitor were larger and white. He was given gold and white feathers on his wings. With the sound of a low flying plane, he flew down and stood right in front of us. He sat on all four, strong legs while lifting his chest proudly.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “What are you?” I was trembling! I could feel God’s presence all around this warrior dragon.

“I am Thainuel. I was created by the white fires of God. Who are you?” The dragon said in a powerful deep voice.

I stuttered because I was so overwhelmed!

Thainuel leaned in closer, “You have a name?”

“Yes” I replied, I stood up straight and announced, “I am Micah. I am a Son of God. I was created by the heart…” I stopped myself, “Wait what did I say…”

Thainuel leaned back lifting his wings. With white fire dripping from his mouth, the dragon responded, “Welcome Micah, Son of God!” He was passionate about my identity. “This is your name; this is who you are! But you have another name that he will give you in the coming days. A name that only you and He, the Master, will know.”

“What do you do,” I inquired.

I am part of the Host of Heaven. There are more of us, yes more of us. Some made by the elements you see here. We answer to God, Lord of the Host. Under Michaels command we are given riders we deliver into battle. By my breath, white holy fire comes to those judged by the hand of God.”

I couldn’t believe it! He is a real creature. I began to think about how Satan is referred to a dragon in the bible. He corrupted such a beautiful image of God’s presence.

The angel stated, “Satan…he is jealous. He has no image nor a name. It was taken from him. So he clothes himself in the skin of others and corrupts it.”

Thainuel proclaimed, “You are powerful Son of God. You carry the image of Christ—the light to the world! I fight for and stand by those who carry the image of God. Your spirit is now washed by the blood of Jesus who paid for sins. You are now light as he! I stand proud to serve with you in his kingdom.”

I was distracted by another sound coming from the sky above. It looked like the sky was raining fire down. The sky was on fire now! But it was not just fire, the throne of God appeared in the sky right above us! I fell to the ground and the dragon roared at the appearance of our Holy God.

The angel with me announced his presence, “Holy God! We worship you! Creator of Spirits! And you have placed your dwelling into the spirit of man!” Micah stand up and behold your God!”

I stood and looked into His eyes….

To be continued