Encounters and Writings

Living Creatures: Divine Revelation

The great light from heaven held me while I entered the reality of His world. I stood before God upon the sea of glass that radiated like crystal. I felt the intense love of God dramatically drawing me into Him—it pulled me closer. I could not resist it. I didn’t want to. I began my journey through thousands of angels towards my Father. In a blink, I was standing before steps of gold to enter my destiny—communion with God.

I walked up the golden steps slowly; absorbing the glorious, unfathomable light coming from the throne of God;  His presence was like a cluster of rubies; His robe like a fountain of light. His eyes are flames of fire– the Lord causes the very framework of heaven to circle Him. My father is glorious beyond measure, and as I entered His throne room, I see incredible four living creatures filled with the glory of God.

They stood high like great fortresses around the throne with eyes all around and within. They were given six beautiful wings of white gold! Lightning is coming from their heads, and there are eyes all over their faces and within their bodies! They lift their bodies into the sky with their wings; circling the throne in a rhythmic fashion. These mighty angels’ wings create a sound of rushing wind as they flew around our beautiful and holy God! The appearance of the living creatures: one with the head of a man; one with the head of an eagle; another with the head of an ox; and another with the head of a lion! Their eyes were like hot stones lit from gazing upon God’s holy being!

My breath is taken away from me as I beheld the realm of revelation and light. Yes, this is the place of revelation; the living creatures are called to see—called to encounter the beauty of God! As I moved further into the light…making my way through the living creatures towering above me, I see great wings with eyes draping over the throne of God as if I was in the Holy of Holies. Is this the Mercy-Seat manifested in heaven?  These creatures have heads like lions, and they are white light—pure white light! Their eyes are like a sapphire stone! Each one has a golden chain around their neck.

I heard the Holy Spirit say in the wind blowing around me, “He dwells in between the cherub; these creatures are called to behold and declare the mind of God!”

When I heard this, a rainbow emanated from the heart of God right through me, and the living creatures shouted, “Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!” And their voices were like waves of thunder! Their wings were making a constant loud sound around God the Father. Lighting struck the ground before me from God’s presence and blue flashes of light rippled out from His body!

It was then that I noticed that these four living creatures were a tribe of angels, they are royal – called to live before the throne of God and to record within their being the majesty of God! They have robes, but not like the robes you would imagine. Their robes are their bodies created by the Spirit, and I cannot adequately describe it…

I kept moving towards my father, overwhelmed by His presence, yet filled with confidence to draw near! Suddenly, I was standing before God! He reached down to touch my heart with His diamond hands and said, “You will see me in a way they shall never see, it is my desire to give to whom I choose. My son, I have longed that even you would record the majesty of my glory within and take you deeper than even the mightiest of angels. You are my son, and I have called you to know your God as I know you!”

My attention was drawn to the Lions reaching over the throne with their wings, and their eyes within never turned their gaze from Him.

My Father said, “Are you ready to gaze upon the beauty of God? Are you willing to see beyond your wildest dreams? Is there a desire to know your God as your God knows you?”

Divine Revelation…Eyes Opened