Encounters and Writings

Light and Darkness

The Bright Shadows…

This place I have been brought to is not fantasy. It is hidden in plain sight. Lost in the finding of dreams and reality. The Garment of God—the created space of all light and darkness. Yes, hidden in darkness, but found in light. Both are as He. I have stood before the creator of light and darkness. Great flashes of lighting dance on His hands, yet clouds of great darkness surround Him. Among His heavenly robe, great falls of water flow upon the sea on which He stands. Rising up from the great falls are glorious angels of power and might. They (angels) rise up as the garment flows down. Like rolling thunder, great waves of light billow out from His robe drawing me into Him…like the shadowed room in the back. “Come,” the voice says, “Into hiddenness, into understanding. The beginning of secrets and the finding of knowledge.” Yes, it is His very clothing that drips down into the realities below. The hem of his garment surely fills the temple of the earth and the halls of heaven. The Robe of the Eternal One is but an invitation to come deeper into the Greatness of God.

“Come,” Says the Holy One. Behind the Veil…into the light. “Come dance in the hidden darkness, the secrets of God. Come gaze upon Him clothed in majesty—covered in the stars of the deep night.”

Who will search…what will they find? And will they return?