Encounters and Writings

Jesus And Halloween Candy.

Hey Everyone! I wanted to put all my prophetic words about Halloween into one place. You are free to do as you like with them. 

Jesus held my hands as we faced each other. My head rested on his lips because he was taller than I was. We started to pray together about Halloween. He said, “Father, I thank you that Halloween will be a holy day for my presence. I thank you for my people and those coming to my presence that day. Let there be laughter, joy, and strength on this day. I pray that those who know me and those I send out will walk in my power. I open their eyes and hearts to have greater compassion. Also, for those who pass out candy,” Jesus chuckled, “Oh, the joy I give them that day. Let them taste my sweetness in their hearts. Let each family sense my goodness over darkness.” Jesus lifted my head and playfully winked, “I love Butterfingers, Micah.”

We laughed.

He turned to leave, but I wanted to know why he didn’t bind the demonic. Jesus turned to answer my thoughts. He said, “I do not pay as much attention to the demonic as you do. Micah, this is the day of communing with the dead. I am raising the dead, too. Let’s be in agreement. If you walk in authority, demons will naturally leave if you expose yourself to them.” Jesus smiled.

A Witch Asked Me Why WE Don’t Believe in Everything That’s In the Bible

I want to tell you a story as you prepare for Halloween this year. A green witch walked into our church holding a Bible close to her heart. She approached me with such a hunger to learn more. She asked me, “Why doesn’t the church believe everything in this book?” Fighting back tears, I answered, “Because we don’t believe in Jesus like we should. We believe his ideas, but we don’t actually live like him. We have become too holy for Jesus when, in reality, we can’t be holy without him.”

She lowered her head in disbelief, then looked into my eyes, “He is such a beautiful person. No one had ever talked to me about him like I heard today. Can you tell me more about him? Have you seen him?” 

“Of course, I can tell you more about him,” I said, trying to hide my tears. 

Have we thought ourselves too holy for Jesus’ mission? May this Halloween, you remember that those who practice the dark arts just haven’t met the light. Maybe this time, you will show them the light.

My Conversation With A Witch Today:

A witch told me, “Sir, we have Halloween because the Christians give it to us. They claim to have the most powerful God but act like he is busy. Isn’t your God powerful? Why don’t you show us on Halloween how powerful he is?”

I answered her, “We are too busy trying to be Holy.”

Jesus dealt with a lot of religious leaders like that. They were too “holy”; they actually missed him. An angel told me on Sunday,  “God sees witchcraft and religious spirit as the same.”

Jesus is ready to send you! Yes, YOU!

I know there is so much darkness on this day, but being a seer, I have seen a lot of darkness everyday. This day to me is like any other day. The only difference is we allow the enemy to have a day dedicated to him. We do not fellowship with darkness but we expose it. I love it. But in exposing it, we leave nothing in its place. We do not leave light, we do not display the Kingdom of heaven. Instead we point out the darkness and show not the power and majesty of Jesus. I have seen armies of angels on Halloween ready to be sent to stop the spells. I have seen demons mock the angels walking around delayed in their movement because we won’t go outside and send them. 

I see angels and demons every day, and demons are more afraid of you than their master who sends them out. Did you know you have the ability to stop spells? Did you know that you can counter a curse with the authority of Jesus? Did you know candy only goes to your stomach, not your heart? Did you know you can walk down the Halloween aisle in a store and release the glory over the candy? Yet we worry so much about the spells on it. Jesus is ready to use you on the darkest day of the year. He is ready to send you out! 

No we do not fellowship with darkness. We fellowship with Light and we bring his presence, glory, signs and wonders! We display his majesty, beauty, power and love! October 31 is the day the Lord has made! 

I am not fighting for Halloween, I am knocking on the door to your heart. I am asking: Will you participate in what the Lord is doing? Will you release the HOLY GHOST? What will you do to join in with HIM? Give a reason for those who fellowship with darkness to come into the light. Show them how powerful and beautiful they are to God. 

Halloween is so small and we make it such a big deal. STOP IT! God is bigger. He crushes darkness with his hand. Jesus crushed Satan under his feet. Now go and look for the Kingdom of God, and have some candy corn while you are at it.