Encounters and Writings

It Was Love

There has been a cry in my heart for several years for the Father to take me back in time again to see Jesus walk the earth.

Recently I have been reading through the Gospels again this summer for my devotional study. I love to read through them every summer to immerse myself in the stories of Jesus. There has also been a cry in my heart for several years for the Father to take me back in time again to see Jesus walk the earth. It has happened before, but years ago when the Holy Spirit transported me it was to witness the birth of Jesus and the rejoicing of the angels. There have been other times when the Father has taken me back in time to see characters–such as Moses, Abraham, and even the makings of our earth. Wonderful and awe-inspiring! Still, I wanted to see Jesus walk the earth. I just wanted to see Him in His ministry.

Well, my friends, the Lord answered my prayers. It was everything I expected, but also so wild and exciting! I am still on this journey even now as I write to you! The Lord takes me back in time to see Jesus everytime I read a couple of chapters of the Gospels.

For our journey today I wanted to write to you what has been standing out to me the most about Jesus’ ministry. However, let me say, Jesus was not a wretched looking man. He was very wealthy because people kept giving Him gifts. Jesus was also in shape because of His skills as a carpenter. Often He would put his hair back so that He could play with the children. Jesus was the happiest person that ever walked the earth. Why? He belonged to His Father. Jesus knew His identity.

As the Holy Spirit lifted me up and took me through time, He teleported me to Galilee where I watched the sick line up to touch Jesus.

I was so overwhelmed with the presence of God at that moment. Jesus gave attention to everyone in the crowd, and they never turned their eyes away from Him.  Just a simple touch. His eyes of love were utterly full of compassion for those brought to Him. He would smile while touching their faces; to some, He held their hands for a moment. Those who looked upon Him looked right into the love of God.

As I watched this, an angel who was with me said, “Look Micah closely. Can you see the light coming out of our Lord’s body?”

I continued to observe as Jesus healed everyone with a touch. Even those who were demon-possessed were set free! Jesus with one command expelled the demons, and I could see a fire burning the demons out of their bodies. Light flowed from Jesus’ body right onto those in the crowd.

The angel brought me closer to see. This time I was right next to Jesus as He continued to touch every single person. Some touched His feet, and their skin diseases left them. After each touch, joy invaded every heart! Yes, joy! They just looked upon the creator of the universe. How could joy not fill their hearts? I saw limbs grow back; I saw families restored; I saw those who were born with physical differences become whole! Jesus healed everyone with just a touch.

The angel said to me, “Do you understand Micah? What you see here is love. It was love that healed them. It was love that touched them and made them whole. It was love that set fire to every demon that stood in front of Him. The Glory of God upon the Son is the Love of God.”

After the angel said this, Jesus paused a moment and turned to me.

I gasped…I did not know what to do!

He walked right over to me and looked directly into my eyes. Everything stood still for a moment. He held my right hand and said kindly, “Son, the love of God came into the world so that all could see Him. Now I have placed my love inside you so that those who do not know the light would see it in you. The power of God is the Love of God.” Jesus’ smile imprinted my heart with His glory. He spoke once more, “Love sets you free.”

Jesus stepped back and time began to move once again. He continued to walk down the line of people, touching every one of them.

I noticed a particular father holding his little boy above the crowd so that Jesus would see him. Jesus saw the little boy and touched him. Afterward, his father desperately gave Jesus his son to hold. I have never seen such beauty displayed before in a father’s eyes. He wanted his little boy to know Jesus! As Jesus carried this little boy on His hip, who had to be no older than two, his father looked so thankful! I do not know the story of this man and his son, but it was a very tender moment. Jesus leaned in and kissed the father on the cheek to bless him then gave his son back.  

Suddenly, things slowly faded away before me as I drifted back into my time and the angel had disappeared. This experience brought me to my knees as I prayed for the body of Christ to know the love of God so that others who do not know Jesus will see His power shining in us. Being Christ-like is being filled with His power and that power is love!

Get ready to see His glory shine on the earth like never before in these coming days. Yes, power…not like anything we have seen. The Love of God in you is ready to shine!

Go forth in the power of His love!