Encounters and Writings

Hunger Pain

Yesterday while traveling to Clifton to visit an amazing friend of mine, I had an interesting encounter with the Lord. Like most times when I am driving, I end up reflecting on the goodness of God and the hunger in my heart for more of him. I turned on my worship music to sing when a pain surfaced in my spirit. I became so desperate for Jesus that I felt such an intense hunger pain. I began to cry deeply for him—I could barely say his name without that pain in my heart being present. It was awesome…I mustered everything I could find in my heart to say his name and each time I did, an intensity of his love would overcome me. His love—so intense and flowing tackled me over and over again, but that desire for him was so painful that nothing else matter! I wanted him! I wanted to walk with him! I wanted to leave everything behind and follow him.


Suddenly an angel appeared in my passenger seat. He was watching me intently with curious bright, blue eyes. His curly silver hair sparkled with splendor from the glory of the Lord on him. He was white light but not so white you couldn’t see. He touched my tears as they flowed down my cheeks and with a brief smile, he continued to wonder about their origin. I wanted to keep looking at the angel but…I was driving so he had to wait. Ha! I am use to angels showing up in my car but this particular angel’s actions interested me. I continued to focus on the road while this angel kept staring at me only to see another angel fly right next to my car window and towards its front. He too was white light with silver straight mid-length hair. He was given wings of a holy white flame. He had a blue outline about his form that resembled an artist depiction of clouds in a painting. He smiled at me with his deep green eyes, but he too was watching me closely. I continued to say the name of Jesus because his love was so heavy for me. I hadn’t felt his intense love on earth like I do in heaven. It was wonderful! In a flash, more angels appeared around me with their gentle comforting wings. I took a deep breath as fresh wind entered my spirit. One of the angels spoke to me, “He promises to come. He will not ignore you, but know this, the spirit world was fashioned by the passion of God. It is what unites all of creation like an eternal ring of fire.” The angel paused for a brief moment then continued “It is important that his children seek him with all their heart to restore the order in creation again. Christ Jesus has made the way back to the Father…it can now be achieved in Him.” Then they disappeared and my heart ached still for Jesus.

I hope this encourages you to go after the Love of God with all your heart! He is worth every hunger pain…you will be filled! He promises to come to you! Seeking him and loving him with all your heart is the first order of mankind. If not you, then, all of creation will groan for the sons of God to be revealed. His Sons and Daughters seek Him with all their heart!