Encounters and Writings

Heaven’s Courtroom Part 2

This is the continuation of Heaven’s Courtroom. Please refer to Heaven Courtroom Part 1 for context of the visitation.

“Prepare, Prepare,” an angel shouted, “The king’s friend is ready to open the scroll to see the coming glory of God.” Jesus and I opened the scroll and I saw that the veil between the spirit and the natural was thin all over the earth.

Jesus began to declare what was written on the scroll, “Look now!” I saw an army of angels on winged horses ready to ride towards the earth. Jesus’ voice thundered, “Now they shall do even greater works than I. They will command heaven’s armies!  Those who cling to me; those who stand in my garden and in my court, will see these warriors do powerful and mighty things across the earth. They stand and wait for your command. Speak up my church—declare a new thing my bride. I have given you authority to command the heavens because my blood runs deep within you. I have given you power over cancer, I have given you power over every plague and all disease. Get ready, for I will restore the healing movement and it will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Men and angels once again partnering with the heart of God.” Jesus turned to the army of angels and said, “Go and stand with my bride and take heed to her voice for she represents me.”

The angels shouted in unison, “It is done.” And like lightning they dashed into the earth. Jesus’ power caused me to shake; he was now shinning like a firestorm before our heavenly Father. His robe was like blue sparkling flame and his brightness was ever so gleaming like the face of God who is unmatched in all glory!

Jesus turned to me and his voice shook my very core, “You my friend, stand with me until the end, behold my kingdom is now…now…now! Who can shake it or take it away? You have authority to push back darkness—to release the host of heaven. Do not be afraid and go! Go! You are a son of God and you represent the Kingdom of God now.” Jesus paused a moment so I could breathe. I looked towards the innumerable angelic beings standing in his court and they looked towards me! Why were they looking at me? I didn’t know what to say.

My Father spoke mightily, “Respond Micah to the command of my Son. What he speaks is not a suggestion but a command. You must go and fulfill your duty as a son. Stand and represent the power of Jesus Christ.”

Again, I was shaking! I felt like a storm was powering up inside me ready to come out of my hands. I clinched my fist so tightly because there was authority resting in me like a geyser ready to burst! I responded in the only way I knew how. I placed Jesus’ left hand on my chest and with my eyes closed I emitted a cry from my heart. I do not know where this cry came from! There were no words…so much power was inside me!

Jesus positioned my head against His, “What you feel is my Holy Spirit inside of you ready to act! He is eternal and his power is greater than you can comprehend! He lives in you and is ready to move through you!” Jesus’ face was flashing like lightning while he said, “God lives inside man. This was always supposed to be. Man, in God and God in man! You are my heir, child, and all that is mine I give to you!” He then shouted to the angels, “Prepare! You must act by my voice coming from these who stand in my presence! Take heed to the voice of the Lord.” Jesus extended his hand high and said, “Now my voice shall be clear coming from my sons. There will be no confusion and the earth will know that I am the Lord. They carry my countenance and my right hand will be upon them.” Jesus began to read the scroll again, “Who can stand against the presence of my faithful ones? Who can push them back? The Kingdom of Darkness has been defeated and there will be no room for darkness wherever I send them. Demons will burn because my sons have come from my presence. Take authority, pick up your courage! I have crowned you with my blessing and my might!”

Jesus turned to me with eyes blazing like fire and commanded me, “Son, eat this scroll!” He rolled up the scroll and without warning proceeded to push the scroll against my mouth. I ate it with great expectation, but I was still trembling. Jesus placed his hand on my heart again saying, “You tell my people, that heaven is invading earth, and they don’t even understand what that fully means. Even the angels do not; not even the great angels! Only I do. Tell them, clean up and get ready…the world is changing! Not just the physical world, but the spirit world too. It is time! Tell them, do not be afraid by the rumors of war nor the false prophets who carry their mask. I have destroyed the works of the enemy! His Kingdom has been defeated!”

I felt my knees grow weak and I began to melt to the floor before the feet of Jesus until he said, “Stand up! Stand up and rule! That is a command.” I found strength in myself!

Wow! It is time to walk in our authority as Sons of God! I looked up to the face of God the Father and he was pleased with Jesus’ decision. I realized that the Father completely trusts his Son! Then I felt the breath of God come over me and I flew back towards earth through space and time into my car. I was still at the traffic light when I saw the angels standing at attention in the sky when the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “The world has changed. It will not go back!”