Encounters and Writings

Hall of Worlds

“There is much for you to know Micah. Our Father is still dreaming of a new kingdom that will spread beyond what your mind can conceive!”

Jesus led me by the hand into a great hall of beautifully designed worlds. Their intelligent design stole my breath away as our Father created each world with intense care. Jesus smiled towards me and said, “There is much for you to know Micah. Our Father is still dreaming of a new kingdom that will spread beyond what your mind can conceive!”

We stopped and looked towards a planet that was breathtaking. This world contained colors I have never seen! On each side of this amazing, yet baby world were two great angels.  These angels were made of glass and silver metal! Their complexion was a vibrant pink, and they had wings of liquid light that flowed to the ground. The angels stood straight; their eyes were never leaving their King, Jesus. Each angel, molded by glass, was fluid in its movements! Large wings shot straight out from them which sparkled with the dust of light. Their wings covered the planet beneath them to protect and monitor its development. Gold poured from the angels’ bowl-shaped hands which created ripples upon the sapphire floor. They were beautiful and unlike any angel I have ever seen. Jesus and I looked into the blue planet, and I saw systems and diagrams of intelligent designs that only God could understand.


This encounter crushed everything I knew about the coming kingdom. I turned to Jesus in amazement, but He suggested I look at the great angels monitoring the planet.

Jesus said, “I have created servants even for the age to come. These angels will serve in the new kingdom. They are not like those who you have seen Micah; they wait for their time to be released.” He smiled at me, “I desire to expand my kingdom Micah to possibilities only the newly created body will be able to understand and function within. The old cannot contain what I am about to do.”

The angels shouted, “Behold the Kingdom of Earth, and it will be made new. God will dwell with man forever, and there shall never be a separation again. He will be their light as it was in the days of Eden.” The angels’ voices in this Hall shouted as one! I realized the gold being poured out is the fountain of life! It is the coming glory! The angels said, “You will understand this glory to come! Do not press into your own glory–all that will remain will be His will.”

I turned to Jesus with intense excitement that burst out of my chest.

Jesus laughed with a full heart of bliss. He looked at me with His brilliant blue eyes, “Have hope son. I have plans for what is to come.” Jesus took my hand to continue our walk through the hall.  We passed angels of the same function watching over planets! I could feel the young life in each one! I was amazed at the Lord power; I didn’t know what to say!

Jesus said to me, “You have no words because those words are unusable with your current understanding, Micah. The words are lost to you until you have a new body.” He chuckled at my expression which must have been incredibly funny. I was unaware of my facial expressions. He placed His right arm around me to calm me down, “Try not to understand right now, son; enjoy what you do not fully understand! Do not live your life as if it will end tomorrow, but live as a beginning to something no I eye or ear has witnessed. Who knows what your Father has in store for you?” Jesus stopped us from our walk to place both hands on my shoulder; His endless, blue eyes of love reached deep into my heart, “You must not live as if the day has come to an end, Micah. Live as though the sun is rising! My kingdom will extend beyond the reach of eternity, son. Get yourself ready now. Learn to love; learn to walk in humility; learn to live in peace–those are befitting for a king that will sit with me in my government. Keep the light of intimacy burning, learn to set aside things you do not need.”

Jesus touched my lips and said, “Be gracious with your words, Kings know their authority and know when to be gentle.” He winked playfully and said, “Come with me!”

Suddenly we were standing in front a massive planet that appeared in different variations of purple! Life, as I have never seen before, was like energy coming from it. Like rising fountains of fresh waters deep within its make. I could hear whispers spinning surrounding this world like he was speaking. It was massive but mysterious to me! I turned to Jesus, “What is this?” Jesus did not answer quickly but was also studying this unknown world to me.


Finally, He answered, “This is a manifestation of a dream our Father wishes to release into a New Age to come. My son, there must be a new heaven and earth for the ideas of our Father cannot be contained in the old dimensions.” Jesus was also amazed at such beauty and with thrill, He said, “Can God restrain His creativity? Right now is the time to believe and create with your imagination! The imagination lives outside time! Can God share His ideas with those who keep their vision clean?” Jesus could see the ideas of God; it was like He saw everything that was ready to burst from this world in front of me! His eyes glimmered with excitement, but my current mind couldn’t see what Jesus could.

He knew my thoughts, “You will see it one day Micah, but alas do not focus on what you think you know, embrace the mind of a child! Embrace the belief in something bigger coming to your world; and even after the end of time. Live now like a king, live now as a bride, do not wait! I will come and gather those who are ready to rule with me, son and those whose oil is found lacking will miss it!”

I heard the angels declare, “Behold He comes! Behold He comes to claim His reward!”