Encounters and Writings

Gold Sunlight

I slowly closed my eyes as I began to transport to the heaven. I was greeted by a simple but beautiful angel. He was emitting a soft golden glow from his body. He was in white slacks and had a white dress shirt tucked into his pants. He was tall and thin, but very healthy looking. He had no shoes, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. There he stood, waiting for me at the entrance to this powerful place. Behind him was a bridge that led into this golden forest. The bridge sparkled among the dancing trees as the glory surrounded them.

He bowed, “Welcome, Micah!” He had very kind green eyes! His curly hair sparkled with gold, “This is a dimension of heaven; one you have not seen before. I have been instructed to take you to the Sunlight” He reached for my hand and when I took it, the heavenly realm formed around me! Oh, the beauty of this kingdom! It was enchanting! It was gold–complete gold!

I was standing in a forest of golden trees. Yes, they were gold, and they sang to me. “Hello!” The trees said, “We offer up our crowns to the Sunlight above.” I held the leaves in my hand and could smell the sweetness. The angel who stood behind me placed his hand on my shoulder to get my attention.

“This is the realm of Righteousness, yes?” The angel pointed to the sun in the sky shining down upon the heavenly world below. The angel stated, “The Sunlight…The Son of Righteousness!” Oh, the rays of the golden light were causing me to have joy!  If I looked into the Sunlight, I would float right to Him. Jesus, my best friend!


“Crown him with many crowns,” The trees rejoiced, “He is the bright star of heaven. The maker of human dreams.”

Suddenly I heard angels in the sky singing to the sunlight. They formed golden rings with their wings while dancing with fiery passion. “He is coming to bring righteousness to the earth!” They sang. They were solid gold and shining–twinkling with beauty and grace!

“May I go to Him,” I asked the angel.

He smiled, “He will draw you to himself.” The angel remarked, “Wait, by His hand, you will fly!”

I could see golden clouds around the bright sunlight as its rays touched me! It was wonderful. Perfect! The trees spoke while creating a golden crown with their leaves, “Fitting for a son of the king. Heaven adores you, Micah, all the inhabitants of a thousand realms, know your name. The angels know your song.” The gold trees presented me with a golden leaf crown saying, “Healing, walk in healing,” they spoke,  “The nations will know that He loves you because His righteousness heals.” The angel took the crown to place it on my head.

He smiled then gently kissed my head, “Yes, the angels know you too. Bless you, Micah in the name of Jesus.” He looked up into the light with me saying, “Let there be light!”

His glory raptured me away!

I stood now in the sky with My God, my friend! He was standing about three feet in front of me. I do not know where I was, but maybe in His light. Is the Light of God His own world? Jesus walked to me burning with love and desire! The golden glory rippled all around me; I do not have words to describe the magnificence of His being. He was pure light! His face was so beautiful–love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, and compassion rested upon the lover of my soul. His glory is but a language of what lives in His heart! He was a golden star that caused the rain of millions of lights to rush over me.


Finally, He stood in front of me then held my hands, “Micah, you have stolen my heart and set it on fire.” He held my face saying, “My righteousness shines upon you, I will be merciful to whom I choose, and I choose you! This day, I am coming to America with power from my hand, and with the light of my countenance. Tell America, my righteousness will shine down upon her, but I warn you, there is darkness coming, but how much more the light! There will be great seasons of dry land, but I will cause it to rain! There will be war among your own land. Pray now, and my peace will come. Shadows of lies, the truth will become perverted. There will be some who will be crushed by the voice of the people, but I will pour out my power on my church, and they shall lead this nation. They will lead from the closet, from hidden places. They will impart light when there is none. Yes! Micah, there is hope–bright hope coming to America!”

He took my hand and led me further into the golden light around us, Jesus said, “My righteousness is shining upon you!” When he said this, I saw lightning come from deep within the intense light before us. Was that God the Father we were now approaching; I do not know. Because the next thing I knew, I was back in my room….

Psalm 37:5-7 says 

“Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him, and he will do this:
 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun.
 Be still before the Lord
and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.”

2 Corinthians 4:6

“For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”