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Flame and Glory

All things were subject to the authority of Christ Jesus and his word; even powerful beings designed by the hand of God. There are angels as old as the beginning of our world and some were given powers to oversee certain systems of the created order. Our heavenly Father designed them with wisdom and by the elements we see around us. Some angels are made by fire around the throne, some with waters from the sapphire sea. There are some with skin of the mountains with wings of colored precious gems. Some have the wings of great clouds and their voice is like wind among the trees. These are great angels given wisdom of the Glory of God, but they also watch the movement of the earth. I don’t have a great understanding about them other than that they are wise and they worship God who dwells in the highest of heavens. Like a living rainbow is their song upon the earth and constant river flowing as they speak of his name from the North, South, East, and West. On occasions, I will see these great angels fly across the horizon releasing the majesty of His name to those who love Him so! Right now, I would like to introduce you to one who is a golden flame upon a horse of emerald light. He is a watcher of great authority and his assignment is Christ church; his lovely Bride. Please welcome Flame and Glory.

It was a normal Monday drive to a meeting, I so enjoy! Nothing special about the sky this time as I always see such lively activity among the angels hovering in the sea of clouds! Sometimes they create shapes in the clouds for us to turn our attention to the Holy One, our Heavenly Father. I catch myself waving sometimes…I often wonder if they can see me, probably so! It is true, we are not alone in this world! I suddenly felt the presence of the Lord around me as the sky began to shake and crack like glass. The angels among the clouds tumbled back by the vibrations of another world as it entered into our realm. Something was coming and it was hard for me to drive and watch at the same time. I guess Jesus doesn’t mind the fact that I am not trying to hit anyone! Ha! At this time, it was so much I had to pull over! A great rainbow like light shown through an opening that was formed for this being who was to appear. The angels and the white winged horses flew all around the opening and then pulled upon the fabric of the sky like a curtain. I could see heaven! I could see a great throne in the distance set upon a sea of blue fire! Its waves splashing upon the throne like a storm! I heard the Father say “Go,” and out of the portal came a large golden angel made by the fires of his throne. This angel was given an emerald horse with enormous wings that were outstretched across the horizon!

And the appearance of the angel was likening unto molted gold with fire among his back like the wings of eagle! His face was proud to represent He who sits upon the throne. Upon his right side was a trumpet of silver and on his left was a large book for his records. He mounted the emerald winged horse and fire shot out of the angel’s head like a torch then rained down like golden fireworks upon the world below. His robe was layered with solid white gold! Among the angels they blew upon the great angel the spirit of God like a kiss or a welcome into our world! The golden angel took hold of his trumpet and blew upon the earth the sound of His presence…He said with a loud voice, “Let the knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the Sea. Come worship God oh mountains and bow down before His Glory!” Holy Is the Lord and His wisdom is unfathomable! The Holy Spirit spoke to me, “He fights for the Bride of Christ, why do you fear the darkness of Satan. This angel could throw him (Satan) into the never-ending sea of judgment by the command of the Lord.” This angel is called Flame and Glory among the ancient ones in heaven…

I’ll stop there! By the way, Jesus loves safety so please pull over if God’s presence is so strong. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything!


Ps. Check out Habakkuk 2:14 and Isaiah 11:9.

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