Encounters and Writings

The Fiery Horse

The story of the Fiery Horse.

My night was disturbed by the sound of horses running in my bed room. When I had sat up to see what was happening I was greeted by a horse made by fire. He was intense and shining white in the glory of God. His mien was like lava with stones of silver and gold. His body also appeared like a stallion. I could see every detail in his muscles clearly with gold! He was glorious! Around him were pillars of light that I assumed were angels, but I could not tell. He said to me, “Rise up in power! This is the coming ministry of the apostles…swift in movement and power by fire.”

That day I had been seeing white horses in the sky with wings of dove among the angelic activity. I was pondering their movement; leaping from cloud to cloud! Often times a great herd of horses would dash across the sky. I wanted to get to know one, but I took it as wishful thinking.

That night when this fiery horse had come it was on a mission but it was looking for someone. The Horse said to me, “I am looking for a rider, but not one who will take the reins.” Then I realized something…this was the Holy Spirit! The Horse became very spirited while the flames of God burst from the ground creating wheels of fire all around me. The Holy Spirit spoke,” I am looking for my rider Micah. power by fire, power by holiness. Let not one wicked thing touch your temple. Those who are ready to move in power, come ride me!”

He was gone…

We are called to move in power! Join with the Holy Spirit right now and push back the kingdom of darkness!