Encounters and Writings

Father’s Love

This was a precious moment I had with God in heaven one day. Enjoy this and rest in his arms!

“Babba, tell me what you want to be for your children?”

Father, lifts his head back and laughs, “Everyone needs to be loved. It’s what I am and it’s why I created them. They forget their center or core. I created each of my children to be loved by me.”

I looked into his beautiful blue fire eyes and asked, “What is your name?”

He poked my nose and said, “I am. It is my identity. You are love everlasting. Because I created you. In my kingdom there is no orphans.”
I brushed his white hair with my hands and rested on his chest, “I don’t want to forget who you are.”
His hands gently massaged my back, “Then come here and let me love you like you were created for. No one can take my place in your heart son. I remember the day you first saw me; the day I held you in my hands…I called you LOVE! You are made to be loved! It’s who you are!”


For me, this is something I have to remember. As someone who loves so deeply, I need those times when I can lay on my Father’s belly and just be with him. I often melt when I watch little babies in the arms of their Fathers and think God is trying to get my attention. He wants to hold me when I need him! So, when life gets challenging, I remember that I can just be in the arms of my Father. I can rest my head on my Babba’s (God) belly and let him breath into me! He is always there! I love you Father!

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