Encounters and Writings

Michael: The Day The Stars Fell

In this visitation, I met Micahel and heard his perspective on the Fall of Lucifer. Angels are created beings who serve us, but also need the presence and power of God as we do. They are not sons, scripture is clear on that, but they are ministering spirits sent to us! Please read the narrative of this angelic visitation.

I remember one particular moment, I was listening to Michael speak of the Falling Stars, an event in which Lucifer and all those who sided with him, fell from heaven. The Angel with me made sure I listened to Michael because this was a very tender moment. He said that the day Lucifer fell from heaven the angelic order changed. The angels have a sense of family among them, and it was death and destruction that day as those whom they loved fell into darkness. Michael, the angelic prince, was looking over a terrace of beautiful waterfalls into the dimension below him. I have never seen this side of him before. Michael’s heart was carried away in song as his giant, fiery, bronze wings lifted:

This mighty angel of God had huge wings of burning bronze with sparks of fire at the tip of every feather. He had a golden sash around his chest that said Mikhael. He had long black hair that shimmer with the fire of God. He was huge at least 15ft tall with two enormous swords on his side. He was incredibly muscular! It looked as though he had gold in his skin which blazed by God’s glorious presence inside this angel.

As I approached Michael, he spoke, “There was silence. Heaven was shaken. I saw them fall like comets in the sky. The terrible screams of death cursed them. Lucifer was thrown away by my own hand. The shaking of fear tangled his throat, but I was focused…focused on Him (God). I needed Him that day. We all did.” Michael turned to me with his arms crossed. His wings moved up and down…powerful…which flickered fire into the atmosphere. Michael is so powerful, but I could see a vulnerability in his eyes. He needs the creator just like we do. Michael needs Jesus just like we do. I began to understand this angel more as I looked into his eyes, he is strong, mighty, unwavering in righteousness, but he is just an angel given authority by God to do His work. Yes, they are much stronger than us, but they are dependent beings upon the light of God. Michael took a deep breath and leaned forward so I can see his eyes much more clearly. His voice was soft now, “I need Jesus to Micah. I’m not trodden by sin or darkness, but I cannot exist without the light. The day the stars fell was a reminder to the created angelic order that we cannot leave him and have life. The reason I fight for Israel–for you is because He (Jesus) burns within me. His fire gives me strength to overcome the powers of darkness. It is by His wisdom I am able to lead countless angels into battle. We are created by his infinite power. Out of the gems of the see we are birthed. By the winds of fire are we conceived.”

I could see the story of the falling angels in his eyes. He became emotional but dismissed it by turning around quickly. “You have seen my heart. You saw the place of need for Him, Micah. It is time to go home now.”

The angel who was with me stepped in between us saying nothing but obeyed Michael’s orders. He motioned that I walk away with a smile. I turned around to walk back towards the portal, but I could still hear Michael singing his song to God over the waterfalls. The angel with me said, “This is where it happened, where the stars fell into the darkness. He comes here every now and again to sing and remember His goodness.”

Angels are created too, and the Father takes care of them just like you and me. If he looks after the gentle spirit of angels, how much more those born from his heart? You are greatly loved friends!