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Fall of Lucifer: The Dance of Deception

This will be a rather unusual encounter that I am about to share with you. In this visitation, I am taken back to the beginning of a fallen angel. The day when Lucifer assumed the highest role of the angels in the heavens. Why am I telling you this encounter? Because I want you to see how important you are to God the Father and His beloved Son. My desire for you is this; to know darkness is a real tragedy. When God had created Lucifer, it was not His intention for this angel to fall. This is the story of the beginning of the fall of Lucifer, the day when pride first took form.

“Come with me.” Jesus said on Easter morning, “This time I will take you back in time to the heart of God, the coals of fire.” Jesus held my hand, and we passed through space and time—I saw the tearing down of our world and the beginning of another. Dreams that were once life had returned to the Master of all creation. I saw the ancient court of heaven like a shining jewel of fire; Jesus and I flew over the vast company of angels. These were different than the ones I had seen before. These were ancient…wise in their appearance. They had staffs and long hooded robes of fire. Jesus said to me, “These are the sons of Elohim child. The wise ones…and some of these are those who would fall in the age of the Falling Stars.”

Jesus continued to guide me through the air towards the brilliant throne of light. Oh, it was gorgeous, bright, while infinite wisdom poured out like a river of light and fire before Him. Jesus said, “Your Father, the Ancient of Days. Come with me.” He held my hand as we flew over the angels below as they attended Him. I saw a few angels I did know, Michael, Gabriel, and some other high ranking angels that were among the Sons of the Elohim. High cherubs were stationed at His right and left of His throne, but there was another cherub whom I had never seen before. It was an angel made of every precious gem; the stones of God. This angel was the brightest of all the created beings… it was the most beautiful. Its immense wings covered the throne of God from above. Then, this cherub would disappear inside God the Father.

Jesus said to me, “That is Lucifer, Son of the Morning.” I stared into Jesus’ eyes as His voice had now become sharp with intensity. Jesus glanced at me as we began our descent near the throne by the cherubim and said, “This is the beginning of his story Micah, and this is also the beginning of humanity’s spirit. On this day child, our Father, Holy Spirit, and I spoke of the most precious of all we dreamed of creating. This day you were spoken into the heart and mind of God.” Jesus took a deep breath and commanded, “Come!” He held my and led me into the heart of God.

I have been here before, yes. I have walked these stones of fire before. My eyes followed the fiery stone road to a mountain of glowing light where Jesus and the Father sat. As I tried to focus because of the blinding light, I could see a river of colors flowing from them. It was powerful. To my surprise, Lucifer walked right through us towards the thrones carrying the most amazing crafted stones of music. I saw sounds and heard the sweetest melodies coming from him. Jesus leaned towards me and said, “This was his original creation. An angel of music—intimate music!”

I saw the angel walk towards the Father and the Son in a dance while he held the sounds of music rising up towards the Mountain of Thrones. He danced with opened wings which were filled with every precious gem. He was in a beautiful robe made of the glory of God which gave him the colors of a bright rainbow! He looked more beautiful because of the great light in him. He was the most glorious angel and the most gifted of them all. His features were pleasant to the eyes and his dance was amazing. He continued his steps towards God like a dance to his music. Jesus said, “He was an angel of worship—close to our hearts. Of the angels, he was the only one to walk among the coals of fire. Lucifer ministered to us and taught music to the angelic company by the power of the Holy Spirit. He did this, Micah. He came to minister to us and then would leave to serve the rest of the celestial kingdom. The Sons of the Elohim, Wise Ones, and Angelic Princes, respected him.” Jesus’ voice became heavy as he said this phrase, “But I saw in his heart. I saw him like I saw Cain’s sacrifice, it was unclean. It lost its purity. This day he approached me with his dance, yet pride was in his heart. He had now become a Forbidden creature…”

In the midst of his dance, Lucifer’s eyes had turned dark, and the Holiness of God became too much for him! I heard a shout come from the Mountain of Thrones, “How you have fallen oh Lucifer! How you have fallen!” That voice of thunder was Jesus shouting from the mountain. “You have been cast out,” the voice said, “How you have been corrupted by your heart.” I turned to Jesus standing next to me for the fear of the Lord gripped my heart. Jesus said in an emotional tone, “Tragedy Micah. A light had now become darkness.”

The music stopped…he looked towards the mountain and sneered…

To be continued

Please read Isaiah 14:11-13 and Ezekiel 28:13-15