Encounters and Writings

Fall of Lucifer: The Tears of Angels

A green leaf fell into a pool, causing ripples from the center to the banks of yellow lilies that had wilted from their tears.

The wind sighed.

The ground was anxious.

Four angels: Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael, grieved the loss of their loved one by the pool that once gave life to spirits and now carried their tears. Their wings hid in shades of grief. The brothers cupped the pool of tears and poured it over their heads as they wept bitterly, for they had never seen death in the land of spirits and light we call heaven. Now countless stars fell from grace by the brother they loved.

Uriel’s flame diminished.

Michael’s courage turned to lamenting.

Gabriel’s blue light turned grey.

Raphael’s hands carried great sores.

Heaven had not known darkness so deep that it reached the throne of light where Yahweh and his Son ruled. Darkness appeared like a deep fog of sewage green. Black lightning formed thorns before Yahweh. His Son grieved for his created spirits as he gazed into his Father’s light. 

The four angels drained their life into the pool

Naked became the trees of the forest

The gardens did not have a song

Rivers dried up

The sky hollowed into nothing 

Yet light returned that day. The Son stood in the sky, healing heaven’s spirits with glowing rain. They were his tears of love and mercy he gave to the angels. His gaze turned to the four angels by the pool and said: 

Do not weep. I am here.

I will hold your hearts inside my own

Your song was taken from you

But I will give you a new song

One of restoration 

When my Bride stands with me in glory

You will sing the song of restoration.

Be healed

Uriel’s eyes burned again, and Gabriel’s light turned bright silver and blue like the purest ocean. Michael’s tears turned to diamonds in his cheeks, and Raphael’s sores became fragrant oils of cedarwood and clove. Their wings stretched forth from their backs as they stood again, healed by their creator. 

And heaven, the home of spirits and light, lost its thorns of despair and darkness, for the Son banished it from his realm with the word of Yahweh, his Father.