Encounters and Writings

Fall of Lucifer: The Archangels

The archangels flew above Lucifer, who was pinned to the ground, and circled him with a shout of such power that it made a crater.  Lucifer was in the center of such destruction.

After the battle with the Elohim and the Lord Jesus (The Word), Lucifer still held the Morning Star within him; he was more powerful than the light which lit up the worlds of Heaven. He kept the light as a trophy. He wandered the broken void, plotting his move against the sons of God which were to be born on the earth.

A decree came from the Throne of God that Michael must return to the void and take back from Lucifer the Morning Star. 

“Go forward, Michael, and take back the star which Lucifer will use to destroy the earth.” The Word blessed him and sent him away to confront his brother.

Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael watched Michael leave the presence of God, and they requested to go with their brother Michael. 

Gabriel asked, “Surely we cannot stay here? Send us with our brother so that we may assist him if he needs us.”

Uriel asked, “I just want to see him…I just…” He could not finish his request as the loss of his brother, Lucifer, had greatly affected him.

Raphael leaned in to comfort Uriel, who was still under the sadness of the recent war in Heaven. His eyes carried the emotion of his brother. Raphael’s eyes looked upon the Lord, as if his eyes made the request.

God said, “Go, but know that you will not like what you see. Your brother, Lucifer, is no longer what he was, for he has become Satan, the whisperer, a voice that manipulates. He is filled with violence. Go and be with Michael.”

Then, the remaining four archangels flew after Michael into the void below the third heaven into the second heaven, the graveyard of the broken spirits.

Michael landed with great force within the broken void. His bronze wings opened and rested peacefully behind him. His breath was rapid as the void had become a place of death and blood. Illusions had filled the realm. He unsheathed his two swords from his back and walked forward through the smoke to a great, dark castle. The windows were not lit, and there were no doors. Lucifer had locked himself in, like a robber seeking to keep his stolen treasure. The castle had multiple high points, and at the highest one, Lucifer stood, holding the Morning Star in his hand. His gold wings hung low, like a bat when perching. His robes had been ripped from the previous battle among the gods. 

“Michael!” Lucifer called down from the highest point of the castle, “Why are you here?”

Michael’s eyes gazed back at the fallen angel and said, “That light does not belong to you anymore! I am taking it back.”

“But I am like you? Your brother…”

Michael interrupted Lucifer, “You are not my brother. Not anymore. I am taking the Morning Star.”

Lucifer smiled, “You’ve let him get in between us, have you?  You let God get into your head. Why isn’t he here to take it from me? God sent you. He didn’t want to face his greatest mistake, so he sent you. I know you are hurting, brother—what a painful way to face the truth. You know, deep down inside, I am right; the angels deserve much more than to be told what to do. God sits on his throne waving his hands around, caring nothing about us. I told him. I told him!”

The Morning Star glowed in Lucifer’s hands. His eyes turned to it, and he said, “Now he wants this gift back. He wants it all for himself. This power is to shine above all the lights in the world. I will remake the world, Michael. I will be above all the stars in heaven; you can come with me! My brother, you can come with me. We will sit on thrones of blood from his children, and we will wipe them out. We will be above them all, and God will fall at our feet. Come with me!

The ground twisted like worms from Lucifer’s plot. The darkness was so deep. Claws protruded from the land calling to Michael, “Go! Go! Take the light for yourself.” 

Michael’s eyes filled with tears as he had now seen his family, his brother, fall so far from the truth. Michael shouted back in anger. His voice cracked with emotion, “You were the one who was supposed to show the Light of God. Not become God! You were one of us! I loved you! God loved you! You were my family, and you took from us not just the Morning Star; you took away my love for you! You broke my heart, Satan!” Michael’s breathing intensified, “You have become Satan.”

Lucifer’s eyes turned black, and he hissed, “Don’t call me that! I am Lucifer! I am a god.”

Michael shook his head and wiped his tears, “You have become Satan. You are not my brother, and I will put you down if I must. I will destroy you. I have thrown you down from Heaven before, and I will do it again.”

Michael charged his swords with holy light, and his bronze wings sharpened as blades lit on fire! Michael lifted from the ground holding his swords in his hands, “I will take back what does not belong to you.”

Lucifer was enraged by Michael’s attempt to stop him. His eyes dripped black tears down his cheeks, and his skin bled darkness. His gold wings turned to a starless sky, “Come to me, Michael. Come to me then. 

Michael charged Lucifer and the fallen angel leapt off the high point, pressing forward towards his enemy. 

With swords of holy light, Michael pierced the darkness Lucifer emitted from his hands.  The Morning Star empowered Lucifer to create powerful darkness that took the shape of twisted, decaying creatures that fought against Michael. 

Michael would not let the decaying spirits take him down. He pierced each one with his sword, and they shattered into dust again and again. Michael spun around with his wings causing a wildfire to spread on the surface of the void. 

Lucifer used the Morning Star to turn the fire into dark spirits pushing Michael back, but he would not stop! He kept cutting through the decaying spirits to get to Lucifer. 

But Lucifer appeared too strong! Michael was struggling to get to him. 

In one giant blast of dark energy, Lucifer knocked Michael down, breaking his sword. The Morning Star was too powerful. 

And Yahweh watched Michael from Heaven.

Michael still pressed forward even with his fist to take on Lucifer, and the dark angel mocked him, “You cannot beat me. I have the most powerful weapon against you. I am that I am! I am a god.”

A dark blast pushed Michael back, and he protected himself with his bronze wings. The black energy pressured him incredibly, and he could not move forward. Michael said, “I will not stop. I will never…stop.”

Then, Michael heard a familiar voice with him, “We are with you, brother.” Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael stood with Michael. Gabriel encouraged Michael,  “You are not alone!” The brothers used their wings to create a powerful light that pressed the darkness back, knocking Lucifer down!

Gabriel used the power of his voice! Like the sound of thunder, his voice pressed Lucifer down to the ground with a terrible force.

Uriel charged his hands with fire and hammered the dark angel relentlessly with great balls of pyrokinetic energy.

Raphael used his staff and summoned chains of lightning to bind Lucifer. His presence gave strength to the remaining angels from the decaying spirits.  

Michael leapt into the air and dove down with a powerful kick, breaking Lucifer’s will to rise again.

However, Lucifer broke the chains of Raphael and stood up with a roar like a beast. He fought his brothers with as much strength as he had left. Raphael blessed the angels’ bodies and their wounds healed, and he kept the remaining spirits away with sparks of light!

Uriel tossed his burning flames upon the dark angel’s presence! He charged the dark angel and blasted him with a flaming fist!

Gabriel raised his voice once more and summoned a cloud of light with the power to conceal the angels’ presence from Lucifer.

When Lucifer was confused, Michael beat Lucifer to the ground with his fist and broke the dark angel’s will. Michael grabbed Lucifer’s head and slammed him to the ground. 

Raphael said, “We will help you, Michael. We are in this together. Together, all of you shout now!”

The archangels raised their voices, shouted at Lucifer, broke his wings, lightning from Heaven struck him, dissipated the darkness, and Lucifer’s castle crumbled to the ground behind him. 

Michael said to his brothers, “Again! Shout again!”

The archangels flew above Lucifer, who was pinned to the ground, and circled him with a shout of such power that it made a crater.  Lucifer was in the center of such destruction.

At that moment, Lucifer was weak. He could barely move. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael stood together before him. 

Another voice spoke, “Enough!” And a fiery whirlwind appeared between the archangels and Lucifer. Out of the pillar of fire, The Lord stepped forward. 

The Lord of all glory! The Master of Light! He is the Uncreated One! The Lord, in all his glory and power, stood before Lucifer. The archangels marveled at His power.

The Lord said, “How you have been cast out, Lucifer, how you have fallen from Heaven! You, who will deceive the nations, but they will never be yours. The stars of Heaven will never bow to you.”

Lucifer groaned. The glory of the Lord was too powerful for him to speak. 

The Lord said, “ You have become Satan; the whisperer–the deceiver of men, but they will crush you with my power, and you will see that they have carried my glory on the inside of them.” The Lord grabbed Lucifer’s wrist and pulled the Morning Star out of Lucifer’s body, leaving him, now appearing as Satan, naked on the ground. His true form had now become Satan.

In pain, Satan violently convulsed amid the dust of the ground, his nude body, utterly void of the light, for the Lord had taken it. 

The Lord said, “To the one who overcomes, I will give them the Morning Star. You will taste the dust of the earth, Satan, and you will spit it out, for even the earth will poison you.”

Suddenly, a lightning bolt came from Heaven and took the Lord, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael to Heaven.

Satan lost the Morning Star and alone in excruciating pain, he remained eating the dust of the void.