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Fall of Lucifer: The Divide

Lucifer sneered towards the Mountain of Thrones where the Lord looked down upon the angel. Jesus who stood next to me was silent and attentive to the scene. I could see a holy fire in His eyes towards the beginning of sin that had corrupted this angel’s heart.

I realize this was delayed in coming to you. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please read The Fall of Lucifer: The Dance of Deception.  There are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention before you read, there will be questions which is ok! I am not afraid of questions, but I may not get to them quickly! Also please note, this was extremely hard to write and explain everything so I had to omit some things simply because there are no words to describe it. Please pray as you read this and ask God for more of His heart! It was given to me to know this so you can be encouraged about who you are and the judgment that is to come on the devil. Some of you may ask how this experience came to me. Like John, I was caught up into heaven and taken back to the moment when Lucifer, the angel, served God. I was with Jesus while watching Jesus in that current moment pass judgment on Lucifer. This was one of the heaviest moments I have ever experienced. I hope you are edified by this and my prayer is that your love for God and His people grow.

Lucifer sneered towards the Mountain of Thrones where the Lord looked down upon the angel. Jesus who stood next to me was silent and attentive to the scene. I could see a holy fire in His eyes towards the beginning of sin that had corrupted this angel’s, heart. Then I saw sadness come from the Mountain of Thrones…I knew this was not supposed to happen.

I heard Jesus shout from the mountain again, “How you have fallen Lucifer, how far you have fallen from my light. Where has this darkness come from?”

Lucifer dropped his stones of worship with a defiant spirit, “I have come from across the spheres of heaven where your eyes have not seen my Lord.” His glory began to fade. His beautiful wings began to darken as the Father stood up from the mountain.

God Almighty spoke, “Do not challenge me Lucifer. I held your spirit in My hand. Return to your first creation.”

Lucifer interrupted, “No!  I will exalt my throne above you and your creation. I have beauty in me…I have all that I need to be above your crowned children.”

“Be quiet!” Jesus spoke, “I cast you out!” Lightning came from the Son of God’s mouth which pummeled Lucifer out of the heart of God. I can remember the impact it made upon the realms of heaven. The angels in worship were silent around the Throne of God. Lucifer tumbled down the golden steps that lead inside God. His wings began to decay.  In an instant, Jesus and I were standing outside from God’s heart to watch the scene unfold.

The Sons of God, who presented themselves before His throne, stepped back as Jesus descended out of God’s heart in a raging thunderstorm. I was shaking by His overwhelming display of power. Lucifer stood up and cried out, “Behold your god. I will ascend to the highest of heavens. The kingdoms will obey me.” His voice swept away some of the angels’ gazes and they began to look towards the fallen angel. They became infatuated with him. My heart sank quickly. “Come stand with me,” he said to the angelic company and to all that attended him.

Then I heard Michael shout from among the angels, “No! Behold your God.”  He floated above Lucifer calling the angels to turn towards God the Father and His Son. “Behold your God worship Him!”

The crystal sea began to shake as the veil of light from the face of God lifted revealing His holy eyes of judgment coming upon Lucifer. The angel’s glimmering presence began to melt away.

Lucifer cried out, “I deserve more. I deserve more…how would you feel oh Son of God if your mighty angels turned against you?”

I turned to Jesus standing with me, “How did this happen?” He was still silent. I held His hand; I didn’t know what to do. I saw darkness arrive from the heart of Lucifer that spread out across the sea. The angels were in disarray by what was happening in God’s presence, and the sons of God began to divide among their company. My heart was troubled by this, “Lord, what is going on?”

Jesus turned to me, “The day the stars fell, Micah. The Waltz of the Void–its first appearance was here. Sin!”

Jesus, who was standing on the top of the golden staircase, opened His hand to reveal an awesome, glorious scepter of righteousness! A divine sword appeared on His side in response to Lucifer’s darkness.

Large waves began to rise in response to God the Father and Jesus Christ’s power. I saw fire rise from the sea, and a powerful force pushed every angel back! Lucifer turned to Jesus to taunt Him, “Some have sided with me, Jesus. How does it feel to be rejected? Like you have rejected me, how does it feel God of heaven? I curse you, your children will rise against you, and you will wish for my return.”

Then I heard the sound of a battle cry coming from the sky, fallen deceived angels charged the throne of God to overpower Him. Lucifer maliciously laughed while his beauty faded away into darkness. Lucifer’s army was composed of angels and other creatures from heaven as well as other beings from dimensions I have never seen. The angels who were subject to him fell with his pride. Darkness spread across the sky like an eclipse. I saw stars above the throne of God fall before Jesus and the Throne of Light as Lucifer declared war against the King of Kings.

War broke out among the angels of God and the fallen angels. The sea became like a storm by the chaos in heaven as the darkness swept through the holy place. I watched…I felt the sadness from the Father’s heart and the Son as they looked upon the war in heaven. The angels of God pushed back the darkness as Michael led the armies to fight against Lucifer’s darkness.

Then the voice of God thundered, “Enough!” Jesus lifted His scepter in response to His Father’s command which raised the fallen angels and the sons of God helplessly above the sea. Their faces turned towards the fiery eyes of God. Then I heard the fallen scream in fear as fire from God’s face burned the angels as they lost all glory. Their faces melted! Then a vacuum pulled them out of God’s presence along with the darkness. The holy angels watched as their family had fallen into the darkness of the mid-heavens. Michael had Lucifer pinned to the ground while this fallen being watched his troops helplessly get pulled into the void below. He became terrified! Lucifer looked in God’s eyes and the fire melted his form because of God’s Holiness. Lucifer had now become the darkness, and that darkness may not stand in God’s presence.

The Father commanded, “Release him so that he may face his judgment.” God spoke with such indescribable power, “You will look up to those who you cursed in my presence to the laughter of your folly Lucifer. They will have power over you! I have numbered your days! On your last day, you will see faces of joy, and they shall laugh for you are a foolishly fallen being.”

Jesus declared over Lucifer, “I take from you, your power,  your presence, your light. You are unworthy…you’re unworthy! I CAST YOU OUT! You shall have no identity. You will have no name…” I heard a loud thunder come from the throne which took Lucifer’s power away and all that was in his domain fell with him. Lightning struck him down into the darkness which corrupted the mid-heavens under the realm of God. It was then the void became chaos and undesired. All the creatures below were now a wild beast, and the fallen angels lost their beauty. Their faces like wax and their bodies are broken and decayed. The great fallen angel, Lucifer, was now no longer in power. He was empty; a lonely wanderer of the void, but he was in rage towards God and the Son.

Then I saw The Spirit of God hovering over the deep darkness, sealing their fate by wind and fire. I heard the Spirit of God say, “You shall find no rest and your power shall be forgotten.”

I was so overwhelmed by what I was seeing. I felt everything…the silence in heaven and the dismay from the angels. Then our Father began to comfort the angels, but I do not know what he said because Jesus stepped in front of me while the scene faded until I saw only Him.

Jesus placed His hand on my shoulder to say, “Micah I will take you back to your time so you can rest. There is still much you do not know. Satan wandered the void for an endless time, setting his sight on man to steal their power.” He waited, “but…” Jesus paused sensing my weary heart, “It’s time, come.” He embraced me, and we were back in my bedroom.

To Be Continued.