Encounters and Writings

Enoch’s Blessing

Upon the coals of sparkling fire, I walked with my Lord…deep…deep into the realms of the heart of God. Gentle spirits touched my nose as I made my way through the beautiful unknown. By light I traveled to the coming of human beings; light like waterfalls poured into this realm. I could see more—thousands of spirits rising into brightness of light, but I do not know where they were going. Still I walked among the stones of fire that were separated by beautiful colors.

My right hand tightened as I asked, “Where are we going?”

Jesus smiled, “Someone asked for this meeting. It is important you see him, so you will hear from another one like you.” I did not know who this person would be. Who would want to meet me? I began to imagine who this person is. While we walked through this strange but beautiful realm in the heart of God, I saw doors, countless of them that led to a different spheres or plains. “Jesus,” I asked, “what are these doors?”

Jesus smiled, “You believe that there is more?” He turned to me, “Some who see, see into the more. Look beyond what you understand and throw it away. Lean into His understanding. There is more! Countless places of glory—countless beings and creation that We have made. For now, they are hidden from sight. We create in secret and we create in public.” He winked at me, “The secrets are for those who search and throw away their understanding”

The gravity of his words sank into my soul. I do not want to be limited because I refuse to see things God’s way; even if his way does not make sense, how many times do I lean on my own understand just to feel safe?”

Jesus answered my thoughts, “A lot!” He laughed, “Sometimes I have to shake things up a bit so you will learn, but you always do and I am patient.”

We came to a crystal lake, so blue and covered with voices from a man. These voices lifted the lake into the air…into a spiral dance in pairs of two. “Jesus what is that?”

“Prayers from a righteous man. This is what it looks like inside the heart of our Father.” Jesus pointed to the center of the lake and I saw a man sitting there in a beautiful green attire. He was not in a robe; however, he appeared to be wearing pants, but I could not see detail because the intense light covered him. “Let’s get closer Micah,” Jesus said. In a flash, we were standing on the lake right in front of the happiest, joyful saint I have met.

“Hello Micah,” He reached for both my hands, “I am Enoch, and I am so delighted to meet you.” He had the brightest brown eyes and a crown was on his head. His white glorious hair was much like Jesus except it was braided on the sides. He was in green, green lights from the presence of God which gave him his clothing. There were many shades of green coming from his chest outwardly. He must have noticed I was look because he said, “That light you see in my chest is love. Love for the King who stand behind you.” I turned to see Jesus who had stepped back with a smile because he loved him too; deeply. I could see the embroider gems on the color of his shirt and the hem of his pants. This green resembled the rainbow light around the throne of God; Enoch was in love with God.

“Come sit with me.” He helped me sit down upon the Lake between the spiral waters/voices. I recognized that these were His prayers going up among the spirits above. He held my left hand and said, “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes I do…you are Enoch from the bible. You disappeared from earth,” I said enthusiastically.

He laughed, “Yes, and I have been here ever since.”

“Where did you go?” I asked, “How did you leave?”

He looked up to the spiraling waters and said, “I walked into eternity. This place is my beginning. The day I took my first steps; inside the heart of God. This is my eternity; the place I longed for.” He paused a moment to look back at Jesus who was waiting for me, “Jesus allowed me to speak with you as a gift so that I may meet the beginning of those like me on the earth.”

“Does this mean I am going to disappear too,” I asked.

“No,” He giggled, “You have too much to do! You are going to bring this place down to the earth along with the rest like you. Yes, there are more! More of you and it’s only the beginning. My ministry was short on the earth but it continues here. I pray for those who are like me. That’s the voices you hear—my prayers.” He paused again looked back at Jesus once again and continued, “The secret is not why I disappeared; it is where did I go, I went here. I walked inside His heart and I have not left yet. You see, I had to be taken because I was beginning to not see death—and if I would have not seen death, then I could not be saved by Him. My eternity would have been the judgment of hell because even sin had kept me away from the fullness of God. I wanted so badly to remain in His heart and when I had walked into this place, I had only a glimpse. I could not stay because Jesus had not yet cleansed me. I waited with the others in Abraham’s Bosom. After Jesus had conquered death, I entered this place again.” He looked back at me with those eyes of wonder and asked, “Micah tell me, do you look upon the face of God?”

I answered, “I have seen him before but…”

He interjected, “No, looking upon the face of God is loving God with all you have. The awe of God is the overflow of love! The wonder of God is the manifestation of your love turned into Joy.” He whispered into my ear, “Joy and wonder are the same thing, they flow from the awe in your heart. The face of God is more beautiful than anything you will ever see. He looked back at Jesus and said, “When I first saw the face of God, I saw him! I saw Jesus looking right into my eyes. Jesus is the Joy of God; he is the Awe of God manifested! The first day I saw him, I kept looking into those blue eyes again and again.” He laughed, “I have seen a lot of angels like you—a lot of heavenly beings and even dark demonic creatures, but nothing compares to Him.”

I felt fire enter my mind! Wow! I asked him, “So you have been here praying…”

He interrupted politely, “For you! I have been praying for you since you entered your mother’s womb. Abraham greets those who return, I pray for those who leave the heart to enter the womb of their mothers.”

“What do you pray,” I asked him.

“I pray that they would know him and never leave his heart. That they would find their way home…like you have.”

I began to cry; this is such a great man. Wow! “Are you the only one here?”

He smiled, “No I am not. There is another whom you know well, Mother Teresa.” He laughed, “And many still call her mother. That name, God gave her and to this day she is here praying for those who enter the world. She was a woman of wonder and Awe. She had great love!”

“She saw death,” I added, “She did not walk into eternity.”

Enoch smiled, “Eternity was already in her. Her body died, but she had already gone home. I walked in, but eternity did not live inside me yet.”

I heard Jesus walk up behind me, “Micah it’s time to go now.” I didn’t want to go! Enoch helped me up and kissed both my hands.

He said, “Go and share this wonder with all who will hear Micah. Go and show them the Awe of God—the face of God. Jesus loves you and has called you to this. Walk in the power of intimacy!” He vanished, but the prayers were still lifting the waters into the spirit above.

Jesus turned to me, “Carry what you have learned here Micah. The enemy is going to fight you! Do not get distracted!”

I fell into Jesus’ arms and he kissed my right cheek! I was in his embrace until I came back to my earthly home.