Personal Drawings

These are my personal drawings of angels, and other heavenly beings I have encountered. My goal in these drawings is to give you an idea of what angels look like and the unique design God has given each one. This will quicken your ability to see into the spirit and behold the beauty of God.

Ministry Angels

Some angels are here to support you. There are moments when I am resting in God’s presence and angels show up just to offer support and strength. They are very soft to the touch. Some are made of strands of silver light. Some are so bright and warm. This angel is a friend – a … Continue reading Ministry Angels

Seasoning Angels

The Father will send angels that bring forth seasons in your life. This particular drawing is of an angel I had seen in a church pouring salt over everyone. It was beautiful to watch his humility. Again, I could not see his features real clear because of the light around his head. He was very large, … Continue reading Seasoning Angels


There are one million Stargazers who stand in the sky to watch over our city. They are an angelic company from the Seraphim class who war on our behalf. In this picture, the angel approaches to speak when he first appeared to me as I sat on my “magical” rock seeking the Lord at night. These angels usher … Continue reading Stargazer


Heaven is full of beauty and images that represent the glory of Christ! This is an image that describes the authority, wisdom, and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord. In heaven, you will see Jesus appear as an eagle, lion, lamb and in some other forms. This is Kodesh the Deer. I will do a longer … Continue reading Kodesh