Encounters and Writings

Door of Creation: The Twilight

“Welcome to the Door of Creation.” The Spirit of God said. He held the door open as no man can open this realm. It is unseen in the heavens, only felt.

The Spirit of God said, “You are invited in because of where you stand, not because of your ability; walk through me. His form, which created the door, is shown with the most vibrant pastel colors, such as rose pink and lilac. The smell of sweet intimacy came from this realm, and I could only see a bright light. “Come,” the Spirit of God said. “You will see.” The door coming from him was like burning wood and stars. He is the opening to see. The Spirit of God reveals, invites, and promotes the mysteries we have yet to learn. 

I walked through the door and into the light upon a realm where the ground is twilight, and the sky is fiery gems. The rain is like golden leaves falling from the vibrant blue stars above. In the center of the twilight, I saw the Father and the Son sitting back to back while holding something precious in each of their hands. This place was sacred.

Like two burning flames mingled into one pillar of glory, so is the light of the Son and Father, like fire spinning up high into the gem-like sky, causing the continual rain of golden leaves. Out of the funnel of flame, stars were born and placed into the burning sky. It was too glorious to describe their countenance, but I could understand what was before me. It is their unity; it is the “Let Us.”

The Spirit of God said, “Let Us, is a place of being. We come together into one flame in the twilight under the burning sky. We hide this holy realm from the sight of all angels, but it is the birthing of all dreams. The stars above are our thoughts. We write in the language of light, which to you looks like stars.    

“What are they holding?” I asked the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God’s eyes burned as his body turned to sparks of flame joining the pillar of the Son and Father, saying, “We, The Three Heart Afire, wish to speak with you in this place of beginning, to see the four birds of glory. Come and receive from us; take and eat from our hand.”

I took my first step among the twilight, a world of dusk and dawn… 

“Come sit with us,” the pillar of fire called to me. 

The twilight rippled out from my feet from each of my steps, making sweet music and gentle smells of life. When I finished walking forward, I sat before the Three Heart Afire, the great pillar of the trinity.