Encounters and Writings

Door of Creation: The Three Hearts Afire

I waited among the twilight and the twisting flame, Three Hearts Afire, which stretched into the burning gem sky. The stars gleamed above me as I tried to compose myself. As I cleared my throat, the spinning flame surrounded me, placing me at the center of its power.

From within stood the Three Hearts: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. They sat on mounds of golden light, as bright as the sun but as peaceful and secret as the moonlight. Their appearance carried a blue diamond at the center of each one; connected by the diamond and its light; they were in perfect unison.

I was in awe! The Three Hearts, I understood their name. 

The Father, who had long white hair to his shoulders and solid light, no clothing but not nude, just a form of white light, stretched out and opened his hand, “Welcome, son of light.”

The Son, with glorious hair as gentle as the white clouds and whose voice was like thunder rolling, also stretched out his hand, saying, ” The Council of the Let Us welcomes you.”

The Holy Spirit, who carried the wind around him and the burning fire like the sun’s surface, smiled briefly, “Now you see in secret because we have called you.”

Each Three Hearts Afire appeared in light but with no robe or clothing. Neither were they nude but not covered. They exposed themselves to me but with purity, undefiled light, with holiness. I marveled at their forms!

The Father spoke, “Holiness brings intimacy at its truest form. Here we are uncovered so you may see the deepest of light.”

The Son spoke, “And this is how Adam appeared to the surrounding spirits of Eden. We bathed him in light as we formed him from intimacy and holiness.”

The Spirit opened his mouth, and wind brushed through me, removing my clothing to reveal light. I was like them. Pure, holy, undefiled. I wept from the stunning beauty I also carried. He said, “You must see your true self. As we have shown ourselves to you uncovered. From our depths, we are Holy. You are now holy by the shedding of Jesus’ blood.”

I looked at my hands, which were light, and my hair was bright but still curly. I couldn’t stop laughing. Oh, how stupid the devil is. He knows who I truly am. I am a son of light. My family stands before me, showing me their “nakedness,” and now I see. Holiness is intimacy at its fullness; it is the nakedness of one heart to the other.

I whispered to the Three Hearts Afire, “Thank you for showing me who I am. I am holy like you. Thank you, Jesus, for shedding your blood for me. Holy Spirit, thank you for keeping me in the light as you are in the light. And Father…” I started to laugh. So much joy came over me that I couldn’t speak.

Father chuckled, “You are welcome. We hide not from you. We desire you to hear, see, and know us, Micah. What has taken your eyes off the light of God? The enemy cannot steal light, the light will burn him, but he keeps you distracted from it. The greatest plague to the gift of holiness we gave you is distractions.”

The Holy Spirit moved his right hand to the left and fire came upon my eyes, “Those who have eyes to see let him see the word of God and those who have ears to hear it, may they hear. The voice opens the door of creation.”

The Son opened his hands to reveal…