Encounters and Writings

Door of Creation: The Seasons

Inside the pillar of fire which spun up to the fiery gem sky, among the twilight, Jesus revealed to me four, perfectly cut diamonds in his hand.

They were seasons, but I did not understand how I knew this. I looked at him for understanding, but he motioned me with his eyes to look back at his hand. He said, “Micah, holiness is required to move forward these days. It is not a suggestion; it is a way to live. The thief comes to kill everything, and he will quickly suppress those who do not stay in my presence and love me. The season of holiness is coming; you will smell it: those who love me and those who do not. I poured out my blood, and now the choice is yours to walk in.

Holy Spirit said, “The second season that is coming is unity. The community of the brethren will eat bread together. But woe to those who have sold their moldy bread to the people; maggots, flies, and worms to those who have saved their food for man’s showing. I will expose those who do not follow my voice and only desire to please the people. The church shall unify for one voice, my voice. They will eat living bread. The church will unify under the banner of one voice; the kingdom of Satan and his demons will not persuade them. But the first season of holiness must come first.

Then Father spoke, “Micah, then a season of great miracles will come. Love will be the greatest. As it is in heaven, so it will be on the earth. Real love will show as a light among the false lights. You will see it, smell it, taste it. My hand will be upon my church, and they will see real love inside them. For the blood of my Son, they have received his cup.” Father’s eyes looked towards Jesus with a slight nod so that I would look back to His Son. Jesus had now blood running down his face, all over his body and dripping into my hands. Father said, “What you see is real love, the power of the cross. Redemption, healing, restoration, and freedom are only found in my Son’s blood.” I continued to look into The Son of God’s eyes as he stared at me through his blood flowing from his head and entire body. Father said again, “This is his love. And the price he paid for the holiness you see within you. Those who are his will know true love and the blood of the one who spilled it.” The Son of God changed to his original form before. 

The Son said, “Micah, the last season will be called The Many.”

The Holy Spirit and Father echoed in unison, “The Many will come. That day will be trouble but of great harvest. The Many will be unstoppable, for even some will not taste death. For the many will be the greatest plague to hell ever seen.”

The flames that surrounded us burned with intensity. I felt so much power coming from each. They were perfect in unison with each other as they continued to say, “The Many will come. Who can stop them? Who can take their life?” As the flames burned brighter, I crumbled forward on my face before them until a cool breeze touched me, revealing Eden, my guardian angel.

“Get up and eat something, Micah.” Eden instructed, “Get up.”