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Behold Wonder exists to help people encounter the heart of God through friendship with Jesus. To reach as many people as possible, Behold Wonder needs to grow in every area of our ministry. We want to create more content and opportunities to encourage people. Will you join a prophetic community of people around the world to advance God’s Kingdom? Become a recurring monthly partner with Behold Wonder at $30/month (or more) TODAY!

Year to date through August 2023 we have received $26,519 in donations. Our goals for this campaign are simple, expand and grow our mission by adding more people to paid staff. We feel a funding goal of $10,000 per month is accurate to bring in at least $120,000 for 2024. We would like to add 4 new paid part time staff members which represents an increase of $51,946 in payroll related expenses for a total of $82,896. The remainder of our budget would go towards general operating expenses and commissioned original illustrations.