Advance the Kingdom Today!

Behold Wonder exists to help people encounter the heart of God through friendship with Jesus. To reach as many people as possible, Behold Wonder needs to grow in every area of our ministry. We want to create more content and opportunities to encourage people. Will you join us on this adventure? Will you consider becoming a recurring monthly partner with Behold Wonder?

Both one-time and monthly donations are needed and appreciated, an added benefit to monthly support is that it allows us to plan for larger projects and sustainable outreach.

We have seen so many people pursue their own personal relationship with Jesus! As a result, these individuals are having their own encounters with God. Please see a few of these powerful testimonies here.

In addition to growing the overall ministry your donation will help support the following top priorities:

  • Staff salaries and expenses
  • Adding new staff
  • Hire artists to illustrate God encounters

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