Encounters and Writings

Demons: Pornography and Pride (Part 1)

It was early evening when I was interrupted by a familiar angelic being. He stood about the size of a man dressed in a white robe with a hood on his head. His eyes were light and his face was the color of bronze, “Hello young man,” he greeted me, “I have been prepared to show you something that the Holy Spirit has prepared you for.”

This angel had a different personality than the others I have seen. He was more collective in his thoughts and he reminded me of a very dedicated butler.

“Where are we going,” I asked him.

He bowed his head while crossing his arms and said, “I will take you to the Wall; to where the darkness is reaching up into this world. The kingdom of darkness is waging war against the kingdom of light. This place, which I am about to show you, is dangerous and you would not be able to come here or make it back alive if it wasn’t for Holy Spirit’s power! The spirit world is not to be played with! There are demons ready to devour, and crevices of darkness ready to spring traps.”

He stepped forward and held out his hand for me to hold, “Do not be afraid, the Lord is with you! There is darkness coming, but I want to show you this darkness so that you will see how powerful the light is going to be. The greatest hour of the church is coming!” He smiled with joy, “Do not be afraid of the enemy; he has been defeated and victory belongs to Jesus.”

He held my hand and started to pull me through the walls into different dimensions; dimensions of colorful light and some dimensions made of darkness and chaos. Mysteries upon mysteries—I can see how people would get lost here without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We flew, but we weren’t in a hurry. We flew up steps of light and down steps of bile and slime… between the legs of giants roaming like madmen… we flew through havens of angels holding territories by pillars of golden clouds. I saw great chaos in one area with creatures untamed; lost by the war among the heavens long ago. This place has a story untold, perhaps one day we will hear of it.

Eventually, we came to a crack within this realm to my right. The angel held my hand tightly and said, “This is dangerous; here is the beginning of new religions. Demons hide in the cracks and feed on those who do not hold to the truth. Micah, the Holy Spirit is the source of every spiritual encounter! Those who wander into this realm unprotected bring back darkness.” He paused a moment to let me reflect, “Come, we are almost there.” We came to the end of this realm looking over a cliff into a sea of darkness.  The angel wanted to bring to my attention, “Mark well what you see here. I am going to show you where pornography comes from.”

This angel led me to the far side of the spiritual realm…the darkness of the void reaching into the deep storm below us. I looked over the edge into the storm below hearing voices birthed in its shadow. The angel with me said, “It is the hole of sin—the bathing of demons. Today you have been blessed to know more of the darkness behind the Wall. From here the darkness reaches…” The angel put up his hood and held my hand, “Do not be afraid, but come so that you may discern and encourage God’s people.”

Suddenly, I heard snakes slithering together and a great demon floated up from the pit! There were snakes wrapped around his arms and his tongue was like a viper. Every part of it was seductive.  Coming out from him was slime—it was adorned with precious jewels and I could hear groaning coming from its stomach! He carried tools, but I do not know what they were for! I saw that this demon appeared to be pregnant and that which was in its womb, gave the horrid groaning sounds.

The angel said “This is the spirit who bathes in pornography and has lesser ones under him. Its works hard to destroy the imagination! Pornography’s assignment is to destroy the imagination!” Then I begin to see images of people engaging in this act while snakes would wrap around their heads and bite them! Then I saw demons cover their victims heads with darkness. The angel said, “Pornography shuts off the spirit of revelation! It pollutes the secret places; voiding it of all light. This demon is after the secret place; the place of power!”

I saw that this demon was ready to give birth! “The angel said there is going to be an increase of sexual immorality unlike anything seen, but the church will have power and their imagination will be sanctified; they will defeat the powers of demons. By the blood of Jesus, Christ has set them free! If hell is working so hard to pervert the imagination, which is the place of revelation, how much more the power of God that is to come?”

He motioned that I keep watching this demon give birth to smaller demons. They were given the heads of rams and the body of a man. The angel said, “These are the images of Satan. This is pride. Pornography and Pride feed into each other. These demons hide in closets and under the beds.”

What this angel is saying is that these demons hide in secret—the closet the place where you keep personal things. The heart can represent the closet. Do not hide pride in your heart. The bed meaning your place of rest.

Pride is the face of Satan and its “children” (demons) link to sexual immorality. The angel said, “First repent and rid yourself of pride and then you will be healed from this demonic spirit—sexual immorality/pornography.”

Suddenly, I heard a crash of thunder that ushered in an army of angels in the mid-heavens. They were powerful containing lighting in their armor! They held banners that declared Righteousness and Holiness.

To be continued: